Refugee Jobs: How Our Bureaucracy Stops Ukrainian Women

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Refugee Jobs: How Our Bureaucracy Stops Ukrainian Women

HeyGermany is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of personnel. Many companies are desperate for applicants. At the same time, more than 870,000 people have fled to Germany since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While the priority was protection and shelter, many of them now want to work. The Federal Employment Agency (BA) cannot determine precisely how … Read more

Investing in Africa: what investors need to know about the niche market

IBiontech just made history in Africa. The pharmaceutical company has laid the foundation stone for its first factory in the East African capital of Rwanda, Kigali. This is the first mRNA-based vaccine produced in Africa. Finally, some say – too late, others say. Since the spring of 2020, the World Health Organization and many non-governmental … Read more

Lack of staff: Germany’s gastric gap is so large

HeyGerman gastronomy is flourishing again. High temperatures and the end of most coronavirus restrictions have led many to the country’s restaurants and bars in recent weeks. Current data from the Federal Statistical Office quantify the rise. Price-adjusted sales in the hospitality industry in April increased by 2.6% compared to March. Compared to April 2021, when … Read more

Georgia: Germany’s indifference gives Putin free rein

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