Tips from Tierschutz Calw: This is the best way to protect pets in the heat – Gäu

In summer, it is also uncomfortable for four-legged friends. Water can help with this. Photo: © FurryFritz – Not only people, but also pets are suffering from the current heat. Gudrun Sohnrey from Animal Welfare Calw and the surrounding area explains how to make summer bearable for dogs, cats and other small animals. Althengstett … Read more

“This helps improve weather forecasting models”

Golf ball sized hail – such extreme weather events are rather rare in Central Europe. However, hail damage still occurs, and sometimes hail is a precursor to heavy rain, which can cause flooding. To better predict such events, meteorologists are constantly trying to improve their models. Among other things, they investigate exactly how hail is … Read more

Schleswig-Holstein updated: news at a glance | – News – Schleswig-Holstein

Status: 07/12/2022 11:16 AM The deaths of the northern gans in Heligoland According to the Jordsand association, there are currently many dead seabirds along the entire North Sea coast. The reason for this is the spread of bird flu. Bird flu usually occurs when migratory birds pass south in the fall. The outbreak in the … Read more

The brotherhood of Saint Sebastian from Neersen celebrates the rifle festival

July 4, 2022 at 5:25 am Neersener St. Shooting Festival Sebastianer : Grand parade on Minoritenplatz Interplay of tradition and closeness to home: Many residents of Nersen did not miss the spectacle of the parade on Sunday afternoon at Minoritenplatz. Photo: Norbert Prümen Neersen The brotherhood of St. Sebastianus Neersen with Schützenkönig and young Dennis … Read more

Freedom thanks to the special conversion of the Kosi bus: VWT6 – Regensburger Nachrichten

Hotel or own bed? Location and time limited or as free as possible in planning? The questions that every holidaymaker asks himself and finally chooses a hotel or caravan for his holiday when he wants to leave his own four walls. And can the vehicle then be used even on a daily basis as a … Read more

Storm front ahead of weekend: ‘Supercell risk is elevated’

Storm front ahead of the weekend “The risk of supercells is increased” 30/06/2022, 3:38 pm Before it starts to be sunny and summery on Saturday and Sunday, storms will sweep across the country, which according to ntv expert Björn Alexander could be harsh. Especially those who discover a “greenish to bluish glittering UFO cloud” should … Read more

Weekend: How to escape the weather and travel chaos – News

First it was hot, then came violent storms, then (half) Germany started sweating again. And now? New storms are coming … At the beginning of the summer holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia, chaos prevails at the airports due to the canceled flights. There is traffic jams on the highways – pure stress to start your vacation. … Read more

New exhibition attracts 30,000 visitors to Regensburg – Regensburger Nachrichten

The still fresh exhibition “Tavern Deaths? Wirtshausleben! » became a box office success for the House of Bavarian History. Tens of thousands of visitors have visited the museum since the opening of the exhibition. After the Pentecost weekend, the House of Bavarian History in Regensburg may reach a new positive interim balance: Since the opening … Read more

Start-ups: How Berlin’s new digital medium-sized businesses are growing

Business Start-ups: How Berlin’s new digital medium-sized businesses are growing 06/08/2022, 15:27 | Reading time: 3 minutes The Senate is taking over the start-up industry: Franziska Giffey (SPD), Governor of Berlin, talking to Thomas Griesel (M), founder of Hello Fresh, and Stephan Schwarz (independent, for the SPD), Senator of Finance, Energy and Business. Photo: Christophe … Read more

Gold & Brown: Levantine cuisine inspires Regensburger – Regensburger Nachrichten

After the successful VIP opening last Thursday, which also attracted celebrities in Regensburg, today is the official opening of Gold & Brown. In addition to its elegant atmosphere, it spoils its guests with its traditional Levantine cuisine. Anyone longing for carefree hours in an elegant atmosphere with a truly oriental feel is in the right … Read more