Return of interest – these ten documents are attractive to savers

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VW owner Lower Saxony: No inquiry yet for Xinjiang | free Press

China is under fire for its human rights record and therefore for German companies that have invested there. VW’s main shareholder, Lower Saxony, is now answering questions – the information is not enough for the opposition. Hanover. The state of Lower Saxony, as Volkswagen’s second-largest owner, has so far not conducted any separate investigation into … Read more

Book value method: These stocks are particularly cheap right now

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VW, Puma, Daimler: Just ‘Pink Washing’? Dax companies are so different

Business Pride month Really colorful or “pink washed”? That’s how VW, Daimler, Puma and Co. vary. Status: 12:45 p.m | Reading time: 4 minutes A flag with the inscription “We live diversity #daimlerpride” at Christopher Street Day 2018 in Hamburg Source: Daimler AG Rewe sold rainbow colored sandwiches, Puma its ‘Pride Collection’: Many of the … Read more

Audi is suing Nio in a trademark dispute

Düsseldorf Chinese carmakers are increasingly pushing for Europe. This is not always without conflict. Audi is currently seeking a legal battle with one of the new electricians from China. VW’s premium subsidiary has filed a lawsuit against Nio in a Munich court, according to group circles. Some of the models offered for the first time … Read more

BMW is stepping up its search for new businesses

Munich The BMW Group is stepping up its search for innovative start-ups. BMW i Ventures is going to give the car company even more access to key technologies with a $ 300 million fund launched last year. In addition to electrification and digitization, BMW i Ventures wants to invest more in start-ups for sustainability and … Read more


DJ PRESS REVIEW / Company Business-related media issues, compiled by Dow Jones Newswires. DEUTSCHE BANK – Marco Pagliara wants to shake up one of the most exclusive markets in the world for Deutsche Bank: the family offices, these discreet companies that take care of the finances of the super-rich. The head of asset management for … Read more

Porsche is on the hunt for start-ups in the US

Düsseldorf Sports car maker Porsche is increasingly looking for new start-ups in the field of mobility. To this end, the Volkswagen subsidiary in Stuttgart is collaborating with the start-up incubator UP.Labs from the USA and investing an amount in double digits. As Porsche announced on Tuesday, six new companies will be established by 2025. The … Read more

Quantum boss Florian Neukart moves to start-up Terra Quantum

Düsseldorf From a big start-up company: Florian Neukart, head of Volkswagen’s quantum computing division, moves to Markus Pflitsch’s Terra Quantum. Neukart is leading the product in the young Austro-Swiss start-up that wants to offer commercially viable solutions for large companies using quantum computer technology. The change is remarkable. Neukart is one of the most comprehensive … Read more

More and more companies are leaving Russia

Düsseldorf Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more and more Western companies are leaving Russia. After 165 years in Russia, Siemens Energy has stopped doing new business with the country. The company strongly condemns Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine’s sovereignty, the board wrote to workers on Wednesday. Leave Russia: The list of companies that restrict … Read more