How Germany is approaching quantum computing

Dusseldorf Until now, the world of quantum computing seemed to be ordered in binary form. The US on one side, China on the other. Both countries regularly report new breakthroughs in quantum computing development. In the future, their computers should be able to solve problems that high-performance computers fail to solve. In Europe, on the … Read more

New companies in crisis – investors announce funds

Dusseldorf Although the start-up scene is currently in crisis after years of uncontrolled growth, many venture capitalists are starting new investment funds. Internationally active company Headline announced three funds for early-stage investments on Thursday. Headline wants to invest €320 million in startups in Europe. €400 million is available for new investment in the US, €166 … Read more

Start-ups and medium-sized companies: this is how cooperation works

Berlin It sounds like the perfect symbiosis: A mid-sized company with experience and financial strength brings the innovative ideas of a start-up. A partnership between two economic powerhouses intended to provide both sides with added value – what could go wrong? Practice shows: enough. Angelique Renkhoff-Mücke, Chair of the Digital Council of the Confederation of … Read more

How to make government more digital

Dusseldorf, Berlin After a year and a half of editing, Marc Hodapp ran out of patience. As an architect and project developer, he had to wait so long for a building application to be approved. So in 2020, he sought out two co-founders and turned his frustration into a business idea: With his startup Urbanistic, … Read more