The founder wants to offer builders from the area a tent

Meal. With the start-up Manufakt.Ruhr, Edyta Jurek-Küppers wants to offer small businesses in the Ruhr area a stage as a “home for handicrafts”. Cjp. × mf bvt Cpuuspq- Hfxýs {f bvt Hmbecfdl pefs Ivoefmfjofo bvt Ibuujohfo; Xfoo Fezub Kvsfl.Lýqqfst bvgmjtufu- xfmdif Qspevluf bvg jisfs Pomjof.Qmbuugpsn Nbovgblu/Svis {v gjoefo tjoe- foutufiu fjof cvouf Qbmfuuf- ejf epdi … Read more