Shot and commotion surrounding the President of Finland after the video party

August 25, 2022 at 4:12 pm Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin : “Party leader” in crisis 14 photos This is the youngest head of state in the world Photo: dpa/Heikki Saukkomaa Helsinki Sanna Marin wanted to regain trust after her predecessors attracted attention with scandals. But even the youngest head of government makes a mistake … Read more

Jana Ina Zarrella wants to be a good role model for her children

Jana Ina Zarrella (45) has been passionately dedicated to animal welfare for many years. Together with the Fressnapf initiative “Tierisch Engaged”, the presenter supports aid campaigns for Ukraine. “The consequences of war affect people and animals alike,” explains the mother of two, extending her own hand. Along with the initiative, Zarrella delivered several pallets of … Read more

Jana Ina Zarrella: The presenter wants to be a good role model for her children – entertainment

Jana Ina Zarrella lends a hand. Photo: Fressnapf Jana Ina Zarrella has been actively fighting for animal welfare for years. “I’m proud to be able to change and move things with my help,” explains the coordinator. “I want to be a good role model for my children.” Jana Ina Zarrella (45) has been passionately dedicated … Read more

Ukraine: On the run with a pet | Germany | DW

Perhaps Luna will not forget the two weeks of flight either: the turbulent departure from the harsh metropolis of Kharkiv, the train ride in the fully occupied carriages in the arms of 21-year-old Adana, with the four newborn cats in a lap blanket on the next table and the Arrival in Cologne after the stations … Read more

Federal government’s fight against economic crime insufficient – Economy

Gerhard Schick, 50, a former Green Bundestag member, sees the federal government’s fight against money laundering and financial crime as insufficient. In the SZ interview, he explained that German society had discovered that it had become open to blackmail by supplying Russia with energy. He calls for this discussion to take place in the financial … Read more

Nord Stream 2 – Attempt to blackmail Putin – Economy

The Russian leadership wants to put the Nord Stream 2 pipeline into operation. The Kremlin sees the shortage of natural gas in Europe as an opportunity to push the project forward despite sanctions. Moscow/Berlin (dpa) – Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin is enjoying the moment to the fullest: With a thin smile, he says that Europeans … Read more

Refugee Jobs: How Our Bureaucracy Stops Ukrainian Women

Vle ulete pel 6etteekleleu plpteua elu Plpellpuelkotlulp eluaeaeuaeu plup, heuu ple Pnupepeaeulnl tel Plpell (PP) ulekl aeuen petluleleu. Pntpektnpp aepeu epel evel Nekteu: Pu kel ple Pueekt pel pueletuelplekelnuapottleklla Pepekotllaleu Oll nhlelulpekel Pleelpeuaekollahell uuu Beplnel plp Pollt nO i0.999 enaeuuOOOlekelnuapottleetklla Pepekotllaleu. Vup enO Pleklelea i2. Inul veleu lu peu Iupeeulelu lupaepeOl 0bt.999 nhlelulpeke Belpuueu lO … Read more

The West is sabotaging itself in the fight against Putin – economy

Ukraine war : This is how Russia circumvents economic sanctions July 20, 2022 at 2:50 pm Reading time: 5 minutes Open detailed view The family of oligarch and multi-billionaire Alisher Usmanow has three villas on Lake Tegernsee. According to EU law, they were not confiscated, but for now they can only be used privately and … Read more

Refugee Jobs: How Our Bureaucracy Stops Ukrainian Women

HeyGermany is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of personnel. Many companies are desperate for applicants. At the same time, more than 870,000 people have fled to Germany since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While the priority was protection and shelter, many of them now want to work. The Federal Employment Agency (BA) cannot determine precisely how … Read more