Superfoods: About Promises and Health Risks

Berlin. See better, reduce pain and stress, increase brain function. In addition, there is talk of action against HIV, relief from diabetes and death of cancer cells. And it is also said to be aphrodisiac for women. All this – and much more – in one product! Obviously though. If you search for the so-called … Read more

Gault & Millau: Dylan Watson-Brawn is the “Chef of the Year” – Panorama

The years of the pandemic have overturned gastronomy like almost no event before. And with lockdowns, failures, re-inventions and, yes, unexpected successes, it is only natural that restaurant criticism will change. For Gault & Millau, the second major restaurant guide along with the Michelin Guide, the changes would be significant even without the Corona. There … Read more

“Klaus grills” with passion with a shirt

Grillfluencer “Klaus grills” with passion with a shirt 14/06/2022, 12:08 p.m. | Reading time: 5 minutes 440,000 subscribers follow the cult barbecue on its YouTube channel. Photo: dpa “Everything is possible on the grill if you really want it,” says Klaus Glaetzner. Grillfluencer shows what it means by YouTube videos. Grilling has become something of … Read more

Tourism – Cyclists, cattle and wild horses in Millingerwaard – Travel

Millingen am Rhein (dpa / tmn) – High heels on the way to Millingerwaard Nature Reserve – not a good idea. “How far is it to Theetuin?” wants the woman to know. Answer: The sandy path is two kilometers long. The route starts from the village of Kekerdom to the exotic tea garden in Waal, … Read more

The gourmet at Branic Castle

Pückler Foundation The gourmet at Branic Castle 27/05/2022, 11:43 π.μ | Reading time: 6 minutes Tim Sillack, head chef and owner of the refurbished Cavalierhaus in Fürst-Pückler-Park Branitz, stands in his kitchen. Photo: dpa World traveler, landscape gardener, namesake for an ice cream: There are many stories about Prince Herman von Pickler. He was also … Read more

History – The gourmet at Branic Castle – Knowledge

Cottbus (dpa / bb) – Can it be “stuffed pork head” or “pheasant pie with truffle” and maybe “τί la Nesselrode pudding” for dessert? Dishes from Prince Pückler’s kitchen (1785-1871) at his castle in Branitz were a regular attraction for connoisseurs like him. After a gourmet visit to Cottbus, the Queen of Prussia and later … Read more

Because the restaurant is closed at the moment

Ann in Falckstraße offers the visitor a sad picture these days. A sign on the door announces the temporary closure of the restaurant. Inside, the guest welcomes an unfurnished guest house. The scariest sight, however, is the kitchen, which has been completely cleaned. When Shuichi Umino enters the room, the usually well-appointed restaurant owner should … Read more

All the news in the restaurant “Speisesaal am Ostseeblick”

The people of Lütjenburg are happy. Traditional gastronomy at Bismarckturm will continue after a break of more than two years. Owner Kevin Voigt opened the new “Baltic Dining Room”. However, the restaurant is completely different from its predecessors at this point. Homemade cooking has given way to modern, light dishes. The restaurant has shrunk. The … Read more

Discover the wonders of nature by hiking around the world – a journey into the sweet world of bees

Graz (OTS) – Hiking is good for you and expands our horizons: These enriching experiences are made possible by Worldwide Hiking, the special adventure hiking trip. In his hiking tours, the organizer accompanies his visitors to impressive natural sites in new countries and allows intensive encounters with other cultures. Treating people, animals and nature with … Read more

Cooking: Why US First TV Chef Julia Child Is Still Enthusiastic Today – Style

It takes courage to turn something in the pan, explains chef Julia Child in the first episode of her cooking show “The French Chef” in 1962. Part of her french fries lands directly on the stove when you turn it, but Child does not. “It didn’t work out that well,” he says, “but you can … Read more