Stock market tips: 14 experts, 30 stocks – it’s worth starting here

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Ergon Capital puts the Opseo intensive care group up for sale

Nurse (symbol photo) The company cares for seriously ill people. (Photo: ullstein bild – Hoff / WELT) Frankfurt According to business circles, private equity investor Ergon Capital is putting up for sale the German intensive care group Opseo, which specializes in intensive care. Goldman Sachs Investment Bank is preparing an auction that could start in … Read more

Popular acquisition targets – especially in the USA

German start-ups North American companies in particular were already interested in German start-ups in 2021. (Photo: DigitalVision / Getty Images) Frankfurt. Innovative companies from Germany are right at the top of the shopping lists of international companies and venture capitalists. The number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) involving German start-ups increased by 90 percent to … Read more

The biggest acquisitions of 2021

The headquarters of Vonovia The Vonovia real estate group secured a majority stake in Deutsche Wohnen for $ 18 billion. Thus, the volume of purely domestic German acquisitions reached the highest level since it was recorded. (Photo: dpa) The global wave of mergers has hit Germany this year as well. Despite all the obstacles in … Read more