Chaos at the airport: federal police should support security checks – domestic policy

Here you will find content from social networks To interact with or display content from social networks, we need your consent. activation of social networks Germany has been stuck for weeks Airport chaos! Now politicians are stepping in – and helping the airline industry out of trouble: The three federal ministers – Transport Minister Wissing … Read more

Lena Gercke: She is now fully focused on starting a company

ONEWhen former model Lena Gercke announced a few weeks ago that she was quitting as a presenter on “The Voice of Germany”, articles in celebrity magazines circulated. She would prefer to focus on another project that only a few fans have had on screen so far – her own start-up. Under the name Leger, Gercke … Read more

Ukraine-News +++ Human traffickers target Ukrainian refugees +++

ΜAccording to Europol information on the Internet, human traffickers are specifically looking for Ukrainian refugees. During a day of action in 14 countries on 42 online platforms, European investigators discovered suspicious bids, Europol announced in The Hague on Thursday. The researchers found suspicious activity in many forums, including Russian. For example, Ukrainians are especially tempted … Read more

Drones: Investors queue for Wingcopter start-up

Τom Plummer is noticeably excited. It’s Thursday afternoon in mid-June and the founder of the Wingcopter drone startup has just returned from the notary. The documents he signed there make him proud, he says. It received 38 million euros ($ 42 million) from investors for its launch. And this at a time when it is … Read more

Lack of staff: Germany’s gastric gap is so large

HeyGerman gastronomy is flourishing again. High temperatures and the end of most coronavirus restrictions have led many to the country’s restaurants and bars in recent weeks. Current data from the Federal Statistical Office quantify the rise. Price-adjusted sales in the hospitality industry in April increased by 2.6% compared to March. Compared to April 2021, when … Read more

Lysychansk: On the most dangerous roads in the world

umeters to get to Lysychansk and talk about the suffering there, one has to travel 55 km on a road full of potholes, ditches with shells and dry soil. The city in eastern Ukraine, like Siverdonetsk, is already a witness, filled with the same scars as the city across the river: lifeless bodies on the … Read more

Hong Kong activist calls for trip to Kyiv: “Now Solz must go to Taiwan” – international

Here you will find content from social networks In order to interact or display content from social networks, we need your consent. activation of social networks An eerie friendship! Chinese Governor Xi Jinping, 69, telephoned Russian President Vladimir Putin, 69, on Wednesday (June 15th) to express his support: “China is ready to continue to support … Read more

Less food thrown away: the software calculates the daily needs of bakers

siresellin, cheese rolls and cakes. Many of the items not sold in the bakery during the day end up in the bin at night. In numbers, according to the environmental organization WWF, this was 1.7 million tons of pastries, but the latest research dates back to 2015. These are often products that are actually still … Read more

The lion’s den: Waterdrop is DHDL’s most successful start

boot scene water drop After 10 seasons – This is the most successful start-up from “The Lion’s Den” Published on 02/11/2022 | Reading time: 3 minutes Founders of The Waterdrop: Martin Murray, Christoph Hermann and Henry Murray. (from left to right) Source: Waterdrop You can listen to our WELT podcasts here In order for the … Read more

Start-up Tindle: Vegan chicken from soy and wheat

HeyTimo Recker’s success story begins somewhat paradoxically: The businessman grew up in a village in Lower Saxony. His family has had a meat business with 100 employees for more than 50 years. Recker was supposed to continue the company in the next generation, but his father rejected him. “I did not identify with the company … Read more