IT security becomes a network functionality and doesn’t need a physical data center…

20/07/2022 – 10:15 am Telonic GmbH cologne (ots) There are two eras for corporate IT departments: pre-coronavirus and modern times. The world of work has changed massively in a very short period of time and has made decentralization through home office or shared offices the new norm. IT security architecture must also follow suit: “The … Read more

Cybersecurity “Made in Germany”: ONEKEY at Black Hat and DEF CON

18/07/2022 – 10:15 am ONEKEY GmbH dusseldorf (ots) IoT security specialist ONEKEY showcases new technology and tools at the two most important IT security conferences in 2022 The two tech conferences Black Hat and DEF CON are considered the unofficial nerve center of global IT security. German companies are rarely allowed to present at these … Read more

Milano Vice: With a million-selling virtual pizza brand

“The pizza box was top notch! It’s hanging on my wall now,” says a Google review for new Berlin brand Milano Vice. How come? It’s bright yellow, the logo is painted in big pink letters on the front and the start-up has printed puzzles on the back – to pass the time. High recognition value. … Read more

Powder instead of shower gel – how sustainable are start-up Everdrop’s products?

HeyThe idea makes sense: what if we just bought a fizzy tablet instead of a single-use spray bottle full of liquid glass cleaner? At home we can dissolve them in tap water and pour the liquid into a reusable spray bottle. We sure saved plastic with this one. Munich-based start-up Everdrop is making this concept … Read more

Start-ups in crisis: A new era begins now

HeyThe founders of start-up Gorillas are still the same – but their message is hard to pin down. Not long ago, college friends Kagan Sümer and Ugur Samut wanted to explore the whole world from Berlin. The super fast food purveyor opened delivery warehouses in London, Paris, Amsterdam and New York almost simultaneously – and … Read more

This start-up connects sports clubs and fans

Dusseldorf Not only the 1. FC Köln players are looking forward to the match against Milan on Saturday. David Geisser, co-founder and CEO of the start-up CollectID, is looking forward to spectators flocking to the stadium. Because they wear fan scarves, which are also tickets. His company makes it possible. Swiss company CollectID combines physical … Read more

With earnings season approaching, tech investors should get on board

By Eric J SavitzBarron’sTranslated by Stefanie Konrad A few days to go: One of the most important reporting seasons in recent years is upon us for the technology industry. There is a pre-planned problem. The headwind is strong. Interest rates are high and will continue to rise. Inflation has climbed to its highest level in … Read more

Impact start-up SPRK uses artificial intelligence to fight food waste

Alexander Piutti Founder Alexander Piutti wants to use SPRK’s technology to prevent food surpluses. (Photo: SPRK) Dusseldorf It doesn’t matter when you walk to the supermarkets: Both barbecued meat and potatoes for stew are always available in large quantities. However, not everything is bought with the same frequency. When it rains, less roast meat goes … Read more

Start-up DeepUp: Navigation system for network expansion

July 8, 2022 at 11:20 am Start-ups from the Rhineland : Start-up DeepUp: Navigation for network expansion Bringing light to the dark underground: DeepUp founders (from left) Sinka Ismail and Michael Putz (with handheld scanner). Photo: Deep Up Bonn Bonn-based founding company Deepup is measuring the new lines with scanners and software – this should … Read more

Clean nuclear power: Bavaria pushes nuclear laser fusion

nuclear fusion Nuclear fusion is nothing less than the dream of an energy source like the sun – only on earth. (Illustration: ESO/dpa) (Photo: dpa) Berlin A new partnership should bring nuclear fusion in Germany a big step forward. To this end, the start-up Marvel Fusion is collaborating with the laser center of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität … Read more