SIDEWAYS: Well armed against financial weakness

HOLZMINDEN (dpa-AFX) – Well-stocked restaurants, a recovery in travel and people’s love for their pets: things should continue to run smoothly in Symrise. The fragrance, flavor and food additive manufacturer is likely to pass on significantly increased costs to customers. At the same time, the industry is consolidating. Symrise could potentially become a takeover target … Read more

Economy: COMPOSITION: Well armed against economic weakness

HOLZMINDEN THIS IS HAPPENING IN SYMRISE Thanks to its broad base, the company has weathered the Corona crisis very well. Lower Saxony is now benefiting from the revival of many economic sectors after the coronavirus lockdowns of previous years. Sunscreens and perfumes – especially the high-priced brands sold mainly at airports – are again in … Read more

What Dax companies say about the travel chaos

Frankfurt, Dusseldorf Germany’s major companies complain about traffic chaos at airports and the limited availability of rental cars. This is the result of a Handelsblatt survey of 40 Dax companies. Beiersdorf writes, for example: “There are significant problems with all modes of transport.” Nivea’s maker complains of difficulties with air travel and car rental providers. … Read more

The robot brings lunch

Bangkok At his lab in Singapore, Massimo Alberti is working to ensure that animal testing for cosmetics has no future. With start-up Revivo Biosystems, the founder has developed an artificial human skin model that he can use to control how tissue reacts to different substances. Blood flow can also be simulated with the system, which … Read more