Sylt: Left-wing protest camp planned in Westerland – ‘Watch out, the ruckus is coming!’

Sylt Left-wing protest camp planned in Westerland: “The ruckus is coming!” Updated: 07/08/2022, 18:00 | Reading time: 4 minutes Similar to the protest camp against the A20 (here near Westerstede), the activists are also planning a camp on the green field in Sylt, which everyone can join for free. Photo: image alliance Activists want to … Read more

Lanserhof on Sylt: what guests can expect at the luxury resort

List in Sylt. Dorit von der Osten has high hopes for an Italian right now. After its General Manager Lanserhofs on Sylt relied for months in vain on the efficiency of the German authorities, the Italian authorities are now going to help in their heart’s work. That is, von der Osten brought five monks from … Read more

Tourism – In the area to Sylt – with punk and WLAN – travel

Westerland (dpa / tmn) – From a practical point of view, we can make it short: It took a while (7.5 hours). Many things have changed (5 times). The luggage (tent and sleeping bag) was annoying. But at some point you are in Westerland, sitting by the sea with a beer and enjoying the stormy … Read more

Sylt: Felix Gabel is a star chef with an extremely unusual career

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The islands want to connect better journey

“Almost the same problems” The islands want better networking 05/10/2022, 11:42 π.μ | Reading time: 6 minutes The island of Baltrum in East Friesland. Representatives of the German islands will meet in Binz in Rügen in May for the second German conference on the islands. Photo: dpa western country Sophisticated seaside resorts or village structures, … Read more