Pool Games: The Coolest Variations for Summer – Unicorn-Free Guaranteed

plan Cool pool games Have you ever stuck your tongue in the water? Status: 06:50 am | Reading time: 3 minutes Just the thing for Rolling Stones fans Source: sunnylife.com An inflatable Koons, a floating bar or water swings: there is now a suitable pool game for everyone. A choice for art lovers, fashionistas or … Read more

The 50 most beautiful village inns – FFH.de

06.07.2022 The best pubs in the village of Hesse – These 50 restaurants are excellent © Restaurant Zum goldenen Stern in Eiterfeld A look at the dining room of the restaurant Zum goldenen Stern in Eiterfeld. They are the center of every local community, promoting regional identity and supporting friendliness and social interaction – the … Read more

Sleeping Glasses: Which Models Really Help You Sleep? – style

Sleep has become a complicated affair. Without melatonin spray on their tongues and whale songs on their smartphones (with a blue light filter, of course), many people do not even go to bed these days. But even the world’s oldest sleeping gadget, the sleep mask, is being reinterpreted by fashion labels and tech companies. Luxury … Read more

My house, my car, my kitchen: more and more men are discovering cooking, Küche & Co GmbH, press release

According to the “Food Report 2021” of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Germany, 52% of respondents cook almost every day. Compared to the previous year, this is an increase of 13%. In times of pandemic, the kitchen has become the key to the family, especially since many professionals work from home. In … Read more

WLDOHO start-up launches further sustainable shaving products

May 23, 2022 May 23, 2022 The natural shaving lotion WLDOHO is available in glass instead of plastic packaging. The young WLDOHO company from Dudenhofen is already known for its environmentally friendly safety razors. These are plastic free and can be used for a lifetime. The start-up therefore takes a clear stand against environmentally harmful … Read more

Cooking: Why US First TV Chef Julia Child Is Still Enthusiastic Today – Style

It takes courage to turn something in the pan, explains chef Julia Child in the first episode of her cooking show “The French Chef” in 1962. Part of her french fries lands directly on the stove when you turn it, but Child does not. “It didn’t work out that well,” he says, “but you can … Read more

Eight very mundane things you should NOT do when traveling

Have you heard these classic travel rules from an early age: Always watch your wallet and passport, better ignore suspicious cheap branded products, take a critical look at your drinking water and do not eat uncooked food in the tropics. But there are many more things to consider when you are on the road. For … Read more