Don’t treat the self-employed as second-class workers

FDPstart-upsThe Free Democrats want to strengthen the spirit of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in Germany. 20/07/2022 Start-ups are drivers of innovation and growth, they promote competition and contribute to our prosperity. That’s why the Liberal Democrats want to support freelancers and boost entrepreneurship. The founders contribute to German economic strength and our prosperity. They also play … Read more

Milano Vice: With a million-selling virtual pizza brand

“The pizza box was top notch! It’s hanging on my wall now,” says a Google review for new Berlin brand Milano Vice. How come? It’s bright yellow, the logo is painted in big pink letters on the front and the start-up has printed puzzles on the back – to pass the time. High recognition value. … Read more

Powder instead of shower gel – how sustainable are start-up Everdrop’s products?

HeyThe idea makes sense: what if we just bought a fizzy tablet instead of a single-use spray bottle full of liquid glass cleaner? At home we can dissolve them in tap water and pour the liquid into a reusable spray bottle. We sure saved plastic with this one. Munich-based start-up Everdrop is making this concept … Read more

Start-ups in crisis: A new era begins now

HeyThe founders of start-up Gorillas are still the same – but their message is hard to pin down. Not long ago, college friends Kagan Sümer and Ugur Samut wanted to explore the whole world from Berlin. The super fast food purveyor opened delivery warehouses in London, Paris, Amsterdam and New York almost simultaneously – and … Read more

Johannes Vogel: FDP politicians on the lack of start-ups

Berlin The German start-up scene is weakening: while more than 400,000 new companies were founded in 2011, in 2021 there were just under 240,000. The federal government wants to introduce a new startup strategy through cabinet next week and, crucially, work against the trend with a better funding landscape. However, there are already doubts about … Read more

Everdrop raises €80M in growth funding

Everdrop Cleansing Tabs The company develops products that should be practical and at the same time reduce packaging waste. (Photo: Everdrop) Munich Start-up Everdrop has secured €80 million in growth capital in a Series B funding round. The Munich-based company wants to make plastic packaging redundant at home and has launched tabs that customers can … Read more

Medicine at war: Hamburg doctors perform surgery in Kyiv via live stream

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Brewery meat substitute: Bitburger partners with Mushlabs

Heythe Bitburger brewery will cooperate with a new company from Hamburg. North German start-up Mushlabs says it wants to revolutionize the alternative meat market with the help of cultivated mushroom mycelium. It is envisaged that Bitburger will provide the start-up with capabilities and by-products from beer production in order to cultivate mycelium from edible mushrooms. … Read more

Investing in Africa: what investors need to know about the niche market

IBiontech just made history in Africa. The pharmaceutical company has laid the foundation stone for its first factory in the East African capital of Rwanda, Kigali. This is the first mRNA-based vaccine produced in Africa. Finally, some say – too late, others say. Since the spring of 2020, the World Health Organization and many non-governmental … Read more

New companies in crisis – investors announce funds

Dusseldorf Although the start-up scene is currently in crisis after years of uncontrolled growth, many venture capitalists are starting new investment funds. Internationally active company Headline announced three funds for early-stage investments on Thursday. Headline wants to invest €320 million in startups in Europe. €400 million is available for new investment in the US, €166 … Read more