Backup for Microsoft Teams, Layer 2 GmbH, press release

Backup for Microsoft Teams – do it yourself quickly and easily Many companies rely on Microsoft Teams for digital collaboration. Simple communication via chat and video, fast file exchange and joint work on documents ensure that more and more files important to the company’s success are stored in the cloud. When managing a Microsoft 365 … Read more

The high-tech company Charles River opens a laboratory

May 21, 2022 at 4:50 p.m. Charles River is coming to Kaarst : A high-tech company opens a laboratory The CEO of the company Birgit Girshick, the boss of Germany Thomas Rockel and the mayor Ursula Baum were obliged to cut a ribbon for the opening of the production center in Kaarst. Photo: Georg Salzburg … Read more

Save energy with GROHE’s savings solutions for bathrooms and kitchens

Dusseldorf (ots) – A look at rising energy prices shows: Conscious use of resources is more important today than ever. Reducing energy consumption makes sense not only for your own expenses, but also for achieving the climate goals that have been set.[1] But how can you reduce the consumption of electricity, gas and water in … Read more

The young company LeanIX from Bonn takes over the US provider Cleanshelf

March 24, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. Help with software organization : The young company LeanIX from Bonn takes over the US provider Cleanshelf Cleanshelf founder Dusan Omercevic and LeanIX founder André Christ will work together in the future. Photo: LeanIX Exclusive Bonn In 2020, LeanIX caused a stir when US investment bank Goldman Sachs took … Read more