A scientist deals with old heroes

August 8, 2022 at 5:15 am Science from Dusseldorf : Heroes can now also be old University professor Henriette Herwig with her book on aging in popular culture Photo: Hans-Juergen Bauer (hjba) Dusseldorf Whether in film, literature or comics: Aging is a popular topic in culture – and science. This is also the case with … Read more

First “Quantum Austria” research projects approved | Ministry of Education, Science and Research, 12 July 2022

Six months after the launch of Quantum Austria, the first research groups funded with funds from the NextGenerationEU development and resilience project are now starting. Vienna (OTS) – Implementation of the Quantum Austria research attack is progressing. FFG and FWF have just been able to launch the first research projects in the future field of … Read more

45 years in space: is the Voyager mission over?

space travel 45 years in space: is the Voyager mission over? 07/01/2022, 12:42 pm | Reading time: 4 minutes By Christina Horsten, dpa An undated rendering of the US space probe Voyager 1. Photo: NASA/dpa Engineers work on the Voyager 2 probe. The “Voyager” twins are the most distant man-made objects. Photo: -/NASA/JPL-Caltech/dpa The Voyager … Read more

Superfoods: About Promises and Health Risks

Berlin. See better, reduce pain and stress, increase brain function. In addition, there is talk of action against HIV, relief from diabetes and death of cancer cells. And it is also said to be aphrodisiac for women. All this – and much more – in one product! Obviously though. If you search for the so-called … Read more

Vitamin B No Me Too: Why East Germans Are Missing in the Top Jobs – Germany

Berlin (dpa) – Even three decades after reunification, East Germans find it very difficult to enter the executive floors. According to a new study, even in East Germany, they currently hold just over a quarter of the top positions in politics, business, the judiciary or academia, and therefore just more than in 2016. In national … Read more

Tourism – In the footsteps of Behring via Marburg – Travel

Marburg (dpa / tmn) – The famous doctor chose a nice place for his last rest. The narrow, gently sloping valley nests gently between the edge of the forest. At the end is the gray-mouse mausoleum with the blue dome, on which stands the bust of Emil von Behring (1854 – 1917). The first winner … Read more

“aws BoB Best of Biotech” 2022 – The international start-up competition starts in the tenth round

At aws BoB Best of Biotech, original ideas become viable business ideas. Submissions are possible until July 29, 2022. Vienna. (OTS) – The BoB Best of Biotech start-up aws competition has started a new round. The aim of the competition, organized on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs, is to give … Read more