Backup for Microsoft Teams, Layer 2 GmbH, press release

Backup for Microsoft Teams – do it yourself quickly and easily Many companies rely on Microsoft Teams for digital collaboration. Simple communication via chat and video, fast file exchange and joint work on documents ensure that more and more files important to the company’s success are stored in the cloud. When managing a Microsoft 365 … Read more

Habeck’s Crisis List: This is how serious it is when it comes to saving energy

Berlin. For a long time, the finance minister was the country’s first evangelist for energy conservation. Now he wants to pull citizens and companies over the curb. More naive contemporaries would probably have leaned back and felt relief. Russian gas has been flowing back to Germany through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline since Thursday. … Read more

Savings tips for camping holidays with dogs | News from Kamen at

ADAC Tips: Dog-friendly campsites with amenities / CKE grooming program with dog cartoons and dog ice cream / reduced price for ADAC members (ADAC Medien und Reise GmbH) Camping is more in demand than ever this summer. Especially in Germany, but also in the neighboring countries, the demand for pitches for your own or rented … Read more

Buffer for quantities and prices

Liability Disclaimer Markets Inside Media GmbHWilhelm-Leuschner-Platz 12Leipzig (hereinafter referred to as “MIM”) 1. In general The information on the Bö portal and the linked sites is intended only for persons having their permanent residence / registered office in the Federal Republic of Germany. They are not intended for recipients of other jurisdictions, especially not US, … Read more

Private cloud instead of SAN and server: ROFA Group car supplier based on Nutanix, NUTANIX GERMANY GMBH, press release

Efficiency, reliability and trust are the key to success for the Bavarian engineering and engineering company ROFA Group. In particular, customers from regulated sectors such as the automotive industry expect consistently digitized, reliable and secure processes from their suppliers. Therefore, the ROFA Group needs a flexible, scalable and reliable infrastructure that is also capable of … Read more

Save energy with GROHE’s savings solutions for bathrooms and kitchens

Dusseldorf (ots) – A look at rising energy prices shows: Conscious use of resources is more important today than ever. Reducing energy consumption makes sense not only for your own expenses, but also for achieving the climate goals that have been set.[1] But how can you reduce the consumption of electricity, gas and water in … Read more

Study Finds Public Sector Organizations and Institutions leading the way in the adoption of multiple clouds, NUTANIX GERMANY GMBH, press release

Nutanixexpert in multi-cloud computing, published the results of its fourth worldwide Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) presented in the public sector. The study measures the progress of companies and institutions in adopting the cloud – including the US federal level and public education systems worldwide. The results of the research show that a disproportionate number of … Read more

What exactly is a cloud?

December 2, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. Cloud storage : What exactly is a cloud? Thanks to the cloud: Electronic storage and the like extend the possibilities a lot, especially with mobile devices. Photo: dpa-tmn / Christin Klose Düsseldorf When it comes to storing photos, streaming movies, or archiving any data, one term quickly comes to … Read more