These are your rights: fly away, suitcase away, trip gone?

Canceled flights, airport delays: some holidaymakers are worried about their summer trip – and not everyone will have the holiday they want. What then? Problems with airlines and airports – mainly due to staff shortages – ensure a tense travel summer. While Lufthansa has already sent a letter of apology to passengers, the head of … Read more

Flight canceled: What can affected customers do? | – Guide

Status: 06/11/2022 10:21 a.m. Lufthansa Group canceled hundreds of flights during the festive month of July due to lack of staff. What rights do travelers have in case of cancellation? The Hamburg Consumer Center provides answers The Germans are obsessed with the desire to travel again: for the first time since the start of the … Read more

Traveling by train: How to get compensation in case of delay

ΖFor two years, the train was largely on time. No wonder, almost no one drove. But more recently, the accuracy rate has dropped below 70 percent – almost every third train arrived late. At least travelers can receive a small financial compensation if the train is delayed for at least 60 minutes to the destination. … Read more

The battery is dead, the phone is lost – and what about the electronic ticket? – Journey

At the start of the sale of the nine-euro ticket, Deutsche Bahn’s servers knelt down: the rush for the online version of the bargain, which is stored in the DB Navigator app, was too great. In any case, the smartphone becomes more and more important as a digital wallet when you travel, not only for … Read more

Traveling With The Corona In 2022 – How Can I Book Safely? – Consultant

Hope seems to have been dashed: 2022 should be the first summer after the coronavirus where you can go on vacation without restrictions, without fear and without travel warnings. But at the latest with the appearance of the Omikron variant, the carefree outlook for next year is also severely blurred. Included After two pandemic summers, … Read more

2G, vaccination card, quarantine: how easy is it to travel again? – Journey

Where can you travel – and where not? In Europe, no country is completely closed due to the coronavirus – but there is no one that allows entry without restrictions. This is especially true for unvaccinated vacationers: they usually have a negative test result. It is less complicated to travel with full vaccination protection, only … Read more

Travel vouchers are about to expire: Book now fast? – Journey

Coupons – this is one of those things: they tend to end up in a drawer and be forgotten. If you discover them years later while cleaning them, they are long gone and worth only the colorful paper that is written. Many travel vouchers issued in connection with the coronavirus pandemic will also have a … Read more

High risk areas: This changes when you return from vacation – travel

It was often an absurd situation: while the incidence in Germany was at times over 1,500, countries with significantly lower infection rates were considered high-risk areas with corresponding quarantine requirements when they returned home. Disadvantages, especially when traveling with families with children who are still too young to be vaccinated, must be eliminated, so it … Read more