Milano Vice: With a million-selling virtual pizza brand

“The pizza box was top notch! It’s hanging on my wall now,” says a Google review for new Berlin brand Milano Vice. How come? It’s bright yellow, the logo is painted in big pink letters on the front and the start-up has printed puzzles on the back – to pass the time. High recognition value. … Read more

Restaurant Hamburg: Helo – great Brazilian cuisine for beginners

Restaurant in Hamburg Helo – friendly Brazilian cuisine for beginners Updated: 09/07/2022, 10:00 AM | Reading time: 3 minutes Gerd Rindchen recommends Brazilian cuisine at Helo in the Colonnaden. Photo: Berthold Fabricius The restaurant at Colonnaden offers good home cooking. Gourmet expert Gerd Rindchen particularly recommends a main course. =tqbo dmbttµ#bsujdmf“mpdbujpo#?Ibncvsh/’octq´=0tqbo?Xåisfoe tjdi jo =tuspoh?Ibncvsh=0tuspoh? kb … Read more

These are the most exciting new restaurants

IIn recent years, the cards (menu) in Paris have been reconstructed. The French capital has long been impervious to culinary innovation, but now even legendary chefs like Alain Ducasse are trying their hand at veggie burgers, and the new generation of top chefs are opening exciting shops across the city. At Bleu Bao, classic Chinese … Read more

Restaurant Wilhelm opens – gourmet worlds

July 2, 2022 The Kanne Group from Heede has now opened the full gastronomy concept ‘Wilhelm Alexander’ at Berlin’s Humboldt Forum. While the deli ‘Alexander’ opened at the end of April, the casual restaurant ‘Wilhelm’ is now following suit. Based on the travel activities of its famous namesakes, the Humboldt brothers, ‘Alexander’ offers an international … Read more

There are many variations of sushi at Ishi Restaurant

tGu 21 aerJh henba ide eKzrthlebiü nebtSu an der eHleaasnla ied Geäs itm tergu eidgetrf ücehK öhreritecescris rAt vtsogerr. Tim Nginbe Red Nrpaioeemcna-Do RWA MTIDA SS, LUHSC DSA Tnursraeta RdUew ufuardgn edr rsheiuncen zucnfussaknhsteiUt uufthrdaea nhceoss.lesg ejrah nesntda ide ide Ämtda, lere fannag larip wrued imt sienme nerräVgog nimgee ha.t Der taschaisei auunzNgge rtferue cshi … Read more

Alain Ducasse for his latest designs and how insignificant his culinary talent is

l Zellklep Feku lpl pel Puuplel aeplellel. lPGZlPI: Vle eltepeu Ple ple Ueloupelnuaeu lu pel tleuoplpekeu Geeke; Bneeppe: Bp Onpp πελπέπ ατελεκεέλλλα ευπλπλελέυ πελτέου. Ζευ Όνππ ελουελπελπ πλελέ Ιλεπλλλουου πεβέκλευ νουπ ατελέλεελλλα πεΟ Μπουλπεκλλλλ αεαεουεπελ ενταεπεκτούππευ πτελπέου. Restaurants and gourmets talk about the dish that changed their lives The food of my life lPGZlPI: Vle … Read more

The Feldberghaus at Großer Feldberg reopens

ONEWhen the Feldberghaus opens, the main roles are played by a district governor, three restaurants, two architects, a brewery representative – and a lot of wood. Also important for success are a bald eagle, a magnified board from Städel, a piano councilor and a load of beer foam. Wood is everywhere. Architects Michael Müller and … Read more

“I’m incompetent”: tears after a harsh announcement at Rosin’s Restaurants

Updated on 06/09/2022 at 10:29 p.m. “I have never eaten such a delicious pizza in Hamburg,” admired Frank Rosin. The star chef almost wanted to cancel his mission with the “pizza baker”. Then a secret tasting meal at “Rosin’s Restaurants” (kabel eins) ended in “total disaster”. You can find more TV and streaming news here … Read more

Preparation of by-products: because the heart is a challenge for chefs

“First of all, I cooked it in the pan for a very long time,” Nils Henkel recalls when he was a young chef – and his first attempts to prepare beef heart: “It had hardened and then it didn’t taste so good.” Henkel looked closer to perfect preparation. Finally, cook the meat and leave it … Read more

Restaurant “Oz” from Caminada: Where the garden cooks with you

Wwhen the garden is resting, and the restaurant is hibernating. For a restaurant that cooks with whatever grows on its soil, this makes sense. But now that spring is turning to summer, it’s time for Oz to wake up, refresh, and enter his second season relaxing. “Oz” – the name is Rhaeto-Romanic and means “today” … Read more