With Volha Hapeyeva and Ronya Othmann – Poetry – a means of survival

Belarusian Volha Hapeyeva has been living in Germany for two years. Because of his critical views on the regime, he became a target of the Belarusian secret services. He writes novels, children’s books and poetry. Her latest volume of poetry, Mutantengarten, is the second book she has translated into German, along with the prose volume … Read more

Summer Novels: Literary Tips for Summer Vacations NDR.de – Culture

Status: 28/06/2022 2:10 p.m. The focus of the book in June is of course summer. Books by Patti Smith, Fernando Aramburu, JL Carr, John Irving and magic letters by Harry Rowohlt are included. NDR Kultur celebrates the most beautiful and warm season of the year with new releases and talks about books. AUDIO: How to … Read more

Oded Galor: “Humanity’s Journey Through the Millennia” – Culture

Looking at the history of the human species from a great distance reveals two profound upheavals. One is the Neolithic Revolution, when people settled at the end of the last Ice Age about 12,000 years ago, converted their economy from hunting and gathering to agriculture and animal husbandry, and along with the division of labor, … Read more