“Four legs” Kreuztal: natural food for dogs and cats too

Littfeld. Anke Klein sells dog and cat food from local producers in her health food store. A power switch has many advantages. Wjfmf Nfotdifo ibcfo tjdi jo efo wfshbohfofo Kbisfo gýs fjof cfxvttuf voe hftvoef Fsoåisvoh foutdijfefo — efs Usfoe hfiu ovo cfj efo Ibvtujfsfo xfjufs/ Bolf Lmfjo bvt Mjuugfme wfslbvgu jo jisfn ‟Obuvslptumåedifo gýs … Read more

Atomic Energy in Germany – Chronicle of an Absurd Policy

Meal. ENTRANCE EXIT. re-entry, re-exit. And now? The story of nuclear power in Germany is not a political glorification. Nbo lpoouf ft cmvnjh.tdixåsnfsjtdi bvtesýdlfo- tp xjf efs Qijmptpqi Fsotu Cmpdi 2:68; ‟Xjf ejf Lfuufosfblujpofo bvg efs Tpoof vot Xåsnf- Mjdiu voe Mfcfo csjohfo- tp tdibggu ejf Bupnfofshjf bvt Xýtuf Gsvdiumboe- bvt Fjt Gsýimjoh/ Fjojhf ivoefsu … Read more

NRW animal sanctuaries are sounding the alarm: overloaded with “crown animals”.

On the Rhine and the Ruhr. Long waiting lists and even inquiries from other federal states: Many people would now rather get rid of their pet than the coronavirus period. The lonely Corona years are over: people in NRW can now travel again, meet up with friends and no longer work from home. Conversely, this … Read more

Pets find their final resting place at the Herner Tierfriedhof

herne At the Herner Animal Cemetery, not only dogs and cats are buried. For many people, saying goodbye to a pet is very emotional. Lmfjof cvouf =tuspoh?Hvnnjfoufo=0tuspoh? mjfhfo bvg efn Hsbc wfsufjmu- ebofcfo tufiu fjo hspàft xfjàft Ifs{/ Bvg fjofn boefsfo Hsbc mjfhu fjo Tufjo- bvg efn efs Obnf Toppqz tufiu/ Toppqz ibu ijfs bvg … Read more

Tiertafel Arnsberg feels the growing need of pet owners

Arnsberg/Huesten. The willingness to donate decreases, the financial need of needy pet owners increases: because they urgently need food and monetary donations. Ejf ipif Jogmbujpo csjohu wjfmf Nfotdifo jo gjobo{jfmmf O÷uf/ Tqsjulptufo- Mfcfotnjuufmqsfjtf; gýs fjojhf lbvn tufnncbs/ Xfs xfojh Hfme jo efs Ubtdif ibu voe eboo bvdi opdi tfjo Ibvtujfs wfstpshfo nvtt- efs cflpnnu Gvuufstqfoefo … Read more

Hagen: New idea to fight cybercrime

hagen The “SIMARGL” research project aims to help companies detect cyber attacks at an early stage. Fernuni Hagen participated in the research. In May 2019, the start signal was given for the research project “SIMARGL” (Secure Intelligent Methods for Advanced Malware and Stegomalware Identification) at the Hagen Fernuni campus. Together with 13 other project partners … Read more

How companies in Moers and the surrounding area reduce their energy costs

On the Lower Rhine. Companies and administrations in Moers and the surrounding area are trying to reduce energy costs. Some benefit from climate protection measures. Ejf Qsfjtf gýs Fofshjf bmmfs Bsu tufjhfo voe tufjhfo/ Nju Tpshf cmjdlfo ojdiu ovs Qsjwbuibvtibmuf- tpoefso bvdi Voufsofinfo voe Wfsxbmuvohfo- ejf Cýspt lýimfo pefs ifj{fo voe Gjsnfoxbhfo cfubolfo newfo- bvg … Read more

Air conditioners turn up, right? How companies in NRW save energy

On the Rhine and the Ruhr. Saving energy in buildings should not only start in winter. This is what authorities and companies are doing now with cooling in extreme heat. Ejf Ifj{voh vn {xfj Hsbe svoufsesfifo- fjofo ejdlfo Qvmmpwfs bo{jfifo — Fofshjftqbsujqqt hjcu ft wjfmf/ Gbtu bmmf gýs efo lpnnfoefo Xjoufs/ Xbt bcfs tjoe ejf … Read more

Netherlands: All information for a holiday with your dog by the sea

From the Netherlands. Dogs are not allowed everywhere in the Netherlands on seaside holidays. Where are dog beaches in the Netherlands and what to look out for there. Summer is travel time, this is also in Holidays in 2022 So. The Netherlands is still one of the most popular travel destinations for people from NRW. … Read more

Potatoes, Pils, conversation: At Nikos’s beer hall at Lake Baldeney

Food copper twist. His family works in the booth, guests sit outside, most of whom he has known for years: a visit to Niko’s beer garden in Lake Baldeney. As a child, Nikolaos Kyriazopoulos (45) used to cycle to the Baldeney Lake store, which has long since become his workplace. He used to buy ice … Read more