Walking ban: Iran tightens new law

Updated: 24/08/2022 – 10:01 am For more security Hard to believe: This country bans walking in parks Photo: Shutterstock/Markus Moench The country wants to protect public safety with the “walking ban.” In fact, the Islamic country was considered a pioneer in animal welfare. Now a new draft law with a “no-walk” is causing an uproar. … Read more

3 Features Your Cat Will Love About You!

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Buying a Dog, Cat & Co.: How to spot illegal deals online

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Buying a Dog, Cat & Co.: How to spot illegal deals online

Berlin. The criminal trade in puppies and pedigree cats has boomed since the start of the pandemic. What buyers should know about the risks. You can buy everything online – including dogs and cats. Many people order there pet such as a sweater or a washing machine. The problem with that: Some unscrupulous traders ply … Read more

Pet name: THIS reveals about your personality!

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Top ranking: These are the most pet-friendly cities in Europe!

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Maternity Leave for Pets: Is Maternity Leave Coming to Us?

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Who wants to give Kamal & Sonya dogs from the shelter a chance?

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Due to a rare disease: the woman has to put 5 dogs to sleep

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