Curevac kicks off new research on cancer

Frankfurt Tübingen-based Curevac AG has lagged far behind in cancer research in recent years, as has vaccines. But here, too, the biotechnology company has now embarked on a new endeavor: “Oncology is the area we will be targeting in parallel with vaccines for infectious diseases,” said Franz-Werner Haas, head of the company, in an interview … Read more

The modern world of start-ups meets the gangster world of drugs News from Kamen at

Stefan Titze, screenwriter – Photo: btf GmbHKamener, 25, is writing the script for the successful NETFLIX series by Julian Eckert Kamen / Cologne. A Grimme Award winner, he was born in Kamen and is the screenwriter of the internationally successful Netflix series “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”. After Stefan Titze (25) passed his A-level … Read more

Speculation for acquisition in the pharmaceutical industry

Merck & Co. Last but not least, the financial constellation in the pharmaceutical industry speaks of stronger mergers and acquisitions. (Photo: AP) Frankfurt Acquisitions and mergers in the pharmaceutical industry were rather sluggish in the first half of the year. But with speculation about US biotechnology company Seagen, forecasts for a new wave of mergers … Read more

The new magic ball against cancer

Düsseldorf Since the outbreak of the pandemic, about 140,000 people in Germany have died from or with coronavirus and more than 500,000 people are likely to have lost the battle against cancer in the same period. Such data and relationships remind us that the challenges facing medicine in the 21st century still far outweigh the … Read more