The Hofmolkerei Engelshof in Hetzerath sets new standards.

July 21, 2022 at 4:55 pm Start-Up Series : Engelshof will bring the pasture to the stable in the future David Engel and his colleague Friederike Hoffmann are in the process of bottling apricot yogurt. The small dairy farm in Hetzerath produces more than a million pots of yogurt a year. Photo: Sabine Schwadorf Hetzerath … Read more

Does milk do it? Some prefer to rely on alternatives

consumption is reduced Does milk do it? Some prefer to rely on alternatives 06/01/2022, 04:39 | Reading time: 5 minutes It used to be clear: “milk” means cow’s milk. It is different in Germany today. Plant-based milk alternatives, such as those made from oats, are flourishing. Consumption of cow’s milk is reduced. Photo: dpa It … Read more

“I learned something again”: Why the US is running out of infant formula

The US is suffering from the biggest child nutrition crisis in decades. Powdered milk for babies has been rare for months. A factory stopped production after the death of two babies. Overseas baby food is now essential for American parents. Parents in the US are desperate. In US supermarkets, the shelves where baby milk powder … Read more

The Germans drink less cow’s milk than ever before: a daily pass

School milk or the advertised extra portion of milk: cow’s milk has had a good reputation in this country for decades. At the time of the economic miracle, the estimate was reflected in the advertising slogan “Milk makes tired men perk up” and in the 1980s in the slogan “It’s milk that do it”, which … Read more

Everyday myths: magic milk filter? – Hamburger Abendblatt

fact control Everyday myths: magic milk filter? 27/05/2022, 15:10 | Reading time: 4 minutes Does warm milk help you sleep? The researchers looked at this in a study. Photo: dpa According to the glossy ad, milk can do almost anything. And there are also many myths about the substance that has accompanied people for thousands … Read more