Start-ups in crisis: A new era begins now

HeyThe founders of start-up Gorillas are still the same – but their message is hard to pin down. Not long ago, college friends Kagan Sümer and Ugur Samut wanted to explore the whole world from Berlin. The super fast food purveyor opened delivery warehouses in London, Paris, Amsterdam and New York almost simultaneously – and … Read more

Tatiana Maria reaches the Wimbledon quarterfinals

Tatjana Maria raised her hands in the air, tears of joy welling up in her eyes. On a memorable day in the round of 16, the 34-year-old continued her fairytale journey to Wimbledon and knocked out the next favourite. At 5:7, 7:5, 7:5 against Jelena Ostapenko, she fended off two match points with great tenacity … Read more

German surprise at Wimbledon: cloud riding – sport

They stood in a little corner behind Court 18 for a few minutes, all the Niemeiers buzzing at Wimbledon these days. Mother Annette, father Michael, brother Jona, as well as coach Christopher Kas, physiotherapist Florian Nowy. There were high fives, hugs, and in the middle of the group Jule Niemeier took a deep breath and … Read more

Ukraine-News +++ Human traffickers target Ukrainian refugees +++

ΜAccording to Europol information on the Internet, human traffickers are specifically looking for Ukrainian refugees. During a day of action in 14 countries on 42 online platforms, European investigators discovered suspicious bids, Europol announced in The Hague on Thursday. The researchers found suspicious activity in many forums, including Russian. For example, Ukrainians are especially tempted … Read more

Alain Ducasse for his latest designs and how insignificant his culinary talent is

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Sanctions: why Russian oligarchs love Germany so much

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