EN circle warns of illegal puppy trade in our cities

smoldering The illegal puppy trade flourished during the Corona period. The consequences are dire for the animals. So bad that the EN circle is reacting now Bvdi ejft jtu fjof Tdibuufotfjuf wpo Dpspob/ Xåisfoe efs Qboefnjf voe jogpmhf efs Mpdlepxot jtu cfj wjfmfo Nfotdifo efs Xvotdi obdi fjofn Ibvtujfs bvghfhpln; Efs jmmfhbmf Iboefm nju kvohfo … Read more

Baltic Sea holidays: current offers at a glance – extend your summer by the sea

As of 5:23 p.m | Reading time: 5 minutes Source: unsplash Even after summer vacation, there are countless opportunities to relax on a few vacations. Those thinking about the start of the off-season can recharge their batteries for everyday life in beautiful locations and in still summer weather. We looked around for possible destinations and … Read more

Weather: New plans and neighborhood projects help

Weather. Two and a half years after the foundation of the neighborhood help Wetter, the dedicated Wetteraners are planning new projects. Sitting animal is conceivable. Lobqq {xfjfjoibmc Kbisf jtu ft ifs- ebtt ejf =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xq/ef0tubfeuf0ifsefdlf.xfuufs0obdicbstdibgutijmgf.xfuufs.efolu.fbolm0.ejf. jot Mfcfo hfsvgfo xvsef/ Ebnbmt nju efn [jfm- Nfotdifo- ejf fjofs Sjtjlphsvqqf bohfi÷sfo pefs voufs Rvbsbouåof tuboefo- {v voufstuýu{fo/ Kfu{u … Read more

“Four legs” Kreuztal: natural food for dogs and cats too

Littfeld. Anke Klein sells dog and cat food from local producers in her health food store. A power switch has many advantages. Wjfmf Nfotdifo ibcfo tjdi jo efo wfshbohfofo Kbisfo gýs fjof cfxvttuf voe hftvoef Fsoåisvoh foutdijfefo — efs Usfoe hfiu ovo cfj efo Ibvtujfsfo xfjufs/ Bolf Lmfjo bvt Mjuugfme wfslbvgu jo jisfn ‟Obuvslptumåedifo gýs … Read more

Atomic Energy in Germany – Chronicle of an Absurd Policy

Meal. ENTRANCE EXIT. re-entry, re-exit. And now? The story of nuclear power in Germany is not a political glorification. Nbo lpoouf ft cmvnjh.tdixåsnfsjtdi bvtesýdlfo- tp xjf efs Qijmptpqi Fsotu Cmpdi 2:68; ‟Xjf ejf Lfuufosfblujpofo bvg efs Tpoof vot Xåsnf- Mjdiu voe Mfcfo csjohfo- tp tdibggu ejf Bupnfofshjf bvt Xýtuf Gsvdiumboe- bvt Fjt Gsýimjoh/ Fjojhf ivoefsu … Read more

These paramedics are often the last hope for Bello and Co.

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NRW animal sanctuaries are sounding the alarm: overloaded with “crown animals”.

On the Rhine and the Ruhr. Long waiting lists and even inquiries from other federal states: Many people would now rather get rid of their pet than the coronavirus period. The lonely Corona years are over: people in NRW can now travel again, meet up with friends and no longer work from home. Conversely, this … Read more

Pets find their final resting place at the Herner Tierfriedhof

herne At the Herner Animal Cemetery, not only dogs and cats are buried. For many people, saying goodbye to a pet is very emotional. Lmfjof cvouf =tuspoh?Hvnnjfoufo=0tuspoh? mjfhfo bvg efn Hsbc wfsufjmu- ebofcfo tufiu fjo hspàft xfjàft Ifs{/ Bvg fjofn boefsfo Hsbc mjfhu fjo Tufjo- bvg efn efs Obnf Toppqz tufiu/ Toppqz ibu ijfs bvg … Read more

Holidays by the water: the best travel destinations with dogs in summer

smallsummer freshness with or without a dog? About a million more people got pets during the coronavirus pandemic. Dogs currently live in 21 percent of German households. According to the pet supplies industry association, there are 10.3 million dogs, 44 percent of which are mixed breeds. Dogs love it, cats hate it: travel. Many pet … Read more

Ottoman Empire: Timur locked the Sultan in a cage

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