Electric Brands XBUS Camper (2023): electric camper van

Innovations 2023 German start-up Electric Brands is bringing an electric bus to market. The XBUS will also be available in a camper version with a lifting roof from the market launch in 2023. In the Hessian Itzehoe sits get started called Electric Brands. In addition to the mini electric car “Evetta”, the company also manufactures … Read more

Weinsberg X-Cursion Van (2023) | promote

Weinsberg X-Cursion Van in VW T6.1 (2023) Small semi-built vehicle based on Bulli Knaus has just introduced the Tourer Van based on the VW T6.1 and sister company Weinsberg is following suit with the X-Cursion. As is usual with the Knaus-Tabbert Group, the model with different designs and equipment is available from different motorhome brands. … Read more

Adria Supersonic premiere at the Mercedes Sprinter

Innovations 2023 The new Adria Supersonic is a new complete line based on the Mercedes Sprinter. Four floor plans will be available from the summer of 2022. The character of the Sonic video game can be transformed into the fastest and most powerful version of “Super Sonic” after collecting a certain number of emeralds. A … Read more