How Germany is approaching quantum computing

Dusseldorf Until now, the world of quantum computing seemed to be ordered in binary form. The US on one side, China on the other. Both countries regularly report new breakthroughs in quantum computing development. In the future, their computers should be able to solve problems that high-performance computers fail to solve. In Europe, on the … Read more

German companies are making ground

Jet of Lilium (illustration) The air taxi should eventually fly autonomously over cities like New York. (Photo: lilium) Munich Most inventions related to air taxis still come from the US. But German companies are rapidly gaining ground in this all-important future sector. This was the result of a special assessment by the German Patent and … Read more

Innovation from Altensteig: Willy Lutz develops the transport pallet from waste – Altensteig and surroundings

Most shipping pallets are used once and then end up in the trash. Photo: Ben Kerckx/Pixabay With his start-up LAP, Willy Lutz is developing the transport range of the future in the Altensteiger industrial park in Turmfeld – and he has already come a long way. Altensteig – Transport pallets consist of two things – … Read more

US battery recyclers and Volkswagen form alliance

New York The environmental balance of the electric car also depends on a critical question: What happens to the batteries when they are no longer needed? Batteries aren’t just an important component in giving cars longer range – they’re also full of rare raw materials like cobalt, copper, nickel and lithium. Therefore, VW North America … Read more

Where the future opportunities lie for energy companies

Dusseldorf Sustainable energy supply is rapidly gaining importance for European companies. The market for energy solutions is expected to quadruple by 2035. This is the result of a previously unpublished study by strategy consultancy PwC Strategy&, which is available exclusively to Handelsblatt. According to the forecast, the market value for business-to-business (B2B) energy solutions will … Read more

Obi: Hardware store plans express delivery service

Dusseldorf From pizza to cans of water and bags of chips: Many people in big cities have their purchases delivered to their homes in a very short time. Obi now also wants to take advantage of this trend towards so-called brisk trade. Together with the start-up Bringoo, the hardware store chain in Hamburg wants to … Read more

Start-ups and medium-sized companies: this is how cooperation works

Berlin It sounds like the perfect symbiosis: A mid-sized company with experience and financial strength brings the innovative ideas of a start-up. A partnership between two economic powerhouses intended to provide both sides with added value – what could go wrong? Practice shows: enough. Angelique Renkhoff-Mücke, Chair of the Digital Council of the Confederation of … Read more

How to make government more digital

Dusseldorf, Berlin After a year and a half of editing, Marc Hodapp ran out of patience. As an architect and project developer, he had to wait so long for a building application to be approved. So in 2020, he sought out two co-founders and turned his frustration into a business idea: With his startup Urbanistic, … Read more

Sustainable startups – Economy –

Reduce plastic when cleaning Plastic can be avoided more and more in the fridge and cupboard, but if you open the cleaning cupboard at home, you will find a lot: bathroom cleaner, washing up liquid, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner – all in big plastic bottles. The content is mostly water. “But what’s the point of … Read more

The start-up receives 4.6 million euros

Garching In Munich, hope is growing for a new key technology from Germany. Quantum computing start-up Planqc, which was only founded in April, has raised €4.6 million from venture capitalists in a funding round. The founding team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute wants to develop a quantum computer based on leading German research. … Read more