How Germany is approaching quantum computing

Dusseldorf Until now, the world of quantum computing seemed to be ordered in binary form. The US on one side, China on the other. Both countries regularly report new breakthroughs in quantum computing development. In the future, their computers should be able to solve problems that high-performance computers fail to solve. In Europe, on the … Read more

Europe’s race to catch up with brands threatens to fail due to staff shortages

Munich The building permit has not yet been issued: Intel’s new multi-billion factories in Magdeburg won’t open until the middle of the decade. However, Christine Eisenschmid worries about finding enough staff. “The need is huge,” says the German boss of the American chipmaker. The manager suspects that posting job ads will not be enough. “Retraining … Read more

This is how German companies need to make changes

Berlin When the pharmaceutical company Roche set up a new production line at its Penzberg site in Upper Bavaria in 2020, another company from a different industry ran into difficulties. Without further ado, locksmiths, metallurgists or mechatronics technicians received the necessary pharmaceutical know-how for twelve months before starting out at Roche as chemical technicians or … Read more

German immigration authorities criticized

Ursula Stadinger At the Innovation Summit, Ursula Staudinger said conditions in many companies still need to be improved, especially for part-time work. Düsseldorf The German state is increasing the shortage of skilled workers in the economy instead of solving it – because it is reluctant to issue visas to workers in urgent need from abroad. … Read more

Funds to cover the difference do not flow

Munich Silicon carbide is the chip material of the future. Electric car manufacturers are fighting for innovative materials. Only one thing slows down the even faster spread of semiconductors: they are at least twice as expensive as conventional silicon components. Michael Rüb wants to change that. With the start-up mi2-factory, the professor from Jena wants … Read more

Chip giant Intel believes in start-up Lidrotec from Bochum

Munich It was only a few minutes, but Ann Kelleher listened intently as Alexander Igelmann presented the start-up Lidrotec in Munich. For the 33-year-old, this was a unique opportunity to personally explain to Intel’s head of development why his innovative laser technology should not be missing from any chip factory in the future. Kelleher is … Read more