Ukraine a candidate for the EU, but Russia is moving forward – The night at a glance

Russia – As a new candidate for EU membership, Ukraine can hope for a future in a common Europe. At the same time, however, the military situation in the eastern part of Luhansk is becoming increasingly precarious for the Ukrainian army. Russian troops are fighting and trying to encircle the strategically important city of Lyssychansk. … Read more

UNESCO World Heritage Day 2022: events and promotions in the north | – Guide

Status: 01.06.2022 4:00 p.m. 51 monuments and nature reserves in Germany are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, including ten in the north. On World Heritage Day on June 5, you can meet many of them on the spot or online. Guided tours, adventure activities for kids and adults as well as exciting virtual … Read more

More individuality in the focus of the hospital

From mid-June, the focus of patients and staff at Wil Hospital will be reorganized to better meet the needs of the respective target group. In addition, food waste can be significantly reduced with the new idea. The demands of the kitchen in a hospital are high. In addition to a balanced diet for patients with … Read more

Security First: Emergency and Crisis Management Conference Shows Companies Ways to Arm Against Threats, Haus der Technik eV, Press Release

Flexible crisis and emergency management is more important than ever for companies to continue to exist – regardless of size. It is therefore important to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to external and internal risks at all times, in order to ensure the continuity of business processes. This requires a practical, preventive crisis … Read more

What do banks have to do with travel agencies in cryptocurrency periods, Smart IT Alliance GmbH, press release

Smart IT Alliance Cryptocurrencies have been part of our daily lives for quite some time and offer new possibilities for digital payment transactions and digital investments.Normally one would do such business at the local bank as one would go to a travel agency to book a trip. In this article you will learn what … Read more

AirConsole and Ludium Lab make cloud gaming more accessible

Zurich, April 20 / PRNewswire / – AirConsole to integrate its game catalog with Ludium Lab’s Sora Stream You do not need a game controller to play on TVs No loading times thanks to the cloud technology of Ludium Lab The global cloud gaming market is expected to reach 349.4 million users by 2025. So … Read more