Beware of foreign animals

August 1, 2022 at 9:50 am The Veterinary Office Oberberg advises : Beware of foreign animals Puppies are especially cute and cuddly. But if you want to buy a dog, you should have an accurate picture of its origins and not buy it from the trunk of a car. Reputable dealers show the prospective buyer … Read more

Does a poker game about education costs exacerbate a lack of personal control?

Frankfurt Chaos reigns at German airports this summer. Not only is there a lack of staff at the counters and for luggage, but also for security checks. The situation is unlikely to improve soon. Apparently, to save money on the required training, companies rely mainly on unemployed applicants when hiring new inspectors. The expert in … Read more

Summer offer in Waldenbuch: pop-up beach bar with a holiday feel – Böblingen

Holiday feeling in front of the town church: The pop-up beach bar in Waldenbuch is again a hit with visitors this year. Photo: Eibner press photo/Roger Bürke Eleven tons of sand transform the Waldenbuch market square into a self-made sandy beach. Until September 3, guests can sip cocktails here under the palm trees and experience … Read more

These are your rights: fly away, suitcase away, trip gone?

Canceled flights, airport delays: some holidaymakers are worried about their summer trip – and not everyone will have the holiday they want. What then? Problems with airlines and airports – mainly due to staff shortages – ensure a tense travel summer. While Lufthansa has already sent a letter of apology to passengers, the head of … Read more

Chaos at the airport: federal police should support security checks – domestic policy

Here you will find content from social networks To interact with or display content from social networks, we need your consent. activation of social networks Germany has been stuck for weeks Airport chaos! Now politicians are stepping in – and helping the airline industry out of trouble: The three federal ministers – Transport Minister Wissing … Read more

Passport and ID: Hamburgers have to wait so long

Hamburg / Kiel. The Journey the anticipation of the long-awaited is closed Holidays large. But what if he did ID card the passport is it already over? Then it could be out for people Bergentorf and the environment becomes narrow. Due to the low volume of travel in the last two years, the authorities are … Read more

Was the flight canceled? Consumers have these rights

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ITB: More sustainable travel after the coronavirus? | DW Travel | DW

Even though most hotels are still closed and airplanes remain on the ground: Tourism is on the move. Calls for a more sustainable restart of the travel industry following the coronavirus pandemic are becoming louder. The problems caused by the growth of global tourism in recent years have been very obvious: overcrowded cities, environmental degradation … Read more

Problem instead of vacation in USA: Europeans are not allowed to travel to USA | Europe DW

“America is back,” the new US administration has said at every opportunity to reassure European allies that transatlantic ties will be revived with Joe Biden as US president. Now American tourists are returning to Europe after the European Union recommended easing restrictions on travelers from the US. That is why Europeans are wondering when they … Read more