Eintracht Frankfurt in the DFB Cup: risky game against Magdeburg

Maik Franz, is FC Magdeburg the most difficult opponent that Eintracht could face in the first round of the cup? You could say that. It’s a completely thankless lot for Eintracht. In Magdeburg everyone is riding a big wave of euphoria. Coach Christian Titz began a major development a year ago. The team is in … Read more

Relegation with Wolfgang Petri

Always Hertha Relegation with Wolfgang Petri Updated: 21/04/2022, 06:00 | Reading time: 4 minutes Anyone who needs encouragement as a Hertha fan in the battle for relegation should feel understood in the world of German success. Nvtjl lboo wjfmmfjdiu ojdiu EJF Xfmu sfuufo- BCFs EJF Tffmf / Ofjo- EBT IBU lfjo tdimbvfs Qijmptpqi PEFs ipdicfhbcufs … Read more