Germans use 14 percent less gas – but that’s not enough

The Federal Network Agency has called on consumers to do more to save energy so that Germany can get through the winter even if there is a gas shortage. In the year to date, natural gas consumption is 14 percent lower than the same period last year, said Klaus Müller, President of the German Press … Read more

Gas crisis: Habeck warns of social test

The Federal Minister of Finance and the General Association of the German Housing Industry are developing nightmare scenarios that see social peace in Germany at risk. The industry association GdW (General Association of the German Housing Industry) has calculated scenarios for additional energy costs. The extra expenses for all households amounted to an average of … Read more

THESE infernal operating costs are hitting renters now

If there is a gas shortage, prices will go through the roof, and so will rent including heating. imago/FutureImage It will be terrifying for Germany’s tenants. If the representation of the German housing industry (GdW) has not miscalculated, tenants will have to pay almost unaffordable additional operating costs due to the exploding energy costs. All … Read more