Tips from Tierschutz Calw: This is the best way to protect pets in the heat – Gäu

In summer, it is also uncomfortable for four-legged friends. Water can help with this. Photo: © FurryFritz – Not only people, but also pets are suffering from the current heat. Gudrun Sohnrey from Animal Welfare Calw and the surrounding area explains how to make summer bearable for dogs, cats and other small animals. Althengstett … Read more

How do I protect my pet in extreme heat?

The higher the temperatures, the greater the strain on the body. This is not only true for us humans, but also for our four-legged friends. It goes without saying that you should offer your pet plenty to drink when they are hot. But what else can you do? What is important to know? What tricks … Read more

Heat wave in NRW: The risk of forest fires also increases

July 18, 2022 at 4:38 pm “Hazard to human health” : Heat wave in NRW – the risk of forest fires also increases 14 images Heat wave, storm, flood – extreme weather in NRW 2022 Photo: dpa/Federico Gambarini Essen/Cologne Bright sun and not a cloud in the sky – sounds like a summer day as … Read more

Storm front ahead of weekend: ‘Supercell risk is elevated’

Storm front ahead of the weekend “The risk of supercells is increased” 30/06/2022, 3:38 pm Before it starts to be sunny and summery on Saturday and Sunday, storms will sweep across the country, which according to ntv expert Björn Alexander could be harsh. Especially those who discover a “greenish to bluish glittering UFO cloud” should … Read more

Heat waves make summer early

smallearly the great heat in Spain has not come for more than 20 years. By the weekend, the highest temperatures ever measured in May could be reached in large parts of the country. In previous decades, the first heat waves always started a month later. According to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service (AEMET), … Read more