These paramedics are often the last hope for Bello and Co.

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Sunday afternoon crime scene: Today’s crime scene from Hamburg: This is what ‘The Golden Time’ will be like

In today’s crime scene from Hamburg, a murder in the red light district leads Falke and Gross into the deepest circles of Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. Is ‘The Golden Age’ worth it? It is called “The Golden Age”. CRIME SCENE Today from Hamburg. The thriller airs Sunday evening (8:15 PM, 31 July 2022) on first and it … Read more

The business model of the exporting country Germany is at stake

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VW, Puma, Daimler: Just ‘Pink Washing’? Dax companies are so different

Business Pride month Really colorful or “pink washed”? That’s how VW, Daimler, Puma and Co. vary. Status: 12:45 p.m | Reading time: 4 minutes A flag with the inscription “We live diversity #daimlerpride” at Christopher Street Day 2018 in Hamburg Source: Daimler AG Rewe sold rainbow colored sandwiches, Puma its ‘Pride Collection’: Many of the … Read more

Environmental Senator Kerstan Urges Hamburgers to Save Gas

June 24, 2022 – Stefan Angele Environmental Senator Jens Kerstan has made Hamburg residents feel the potential for significant energy savings. “All federal government scenarios stipulate that at least 20 percent of gas must be saved by July 1,” the Greens politician told the NDR Hamburg Journal and NDR 90.3 on Thursday (June 23rd) after … Read more

Wine bar in Hamburg: “The old printing house” – travel

Valerie Kauffeldt wears the same shirt as her employees. It is black, with three small white letters in the middle: it says “daddy”. Some read father, others see it as an acronym consisting of the initials of the wine bar “Die alten Druckerei”. Both are correct. The 28-year-old from Hamburg, blonde bookkeeper, blue eyes, did … Read more

Hamburg: Lego exhibition – lovers on a journey through space and time

Hamburg Ballinstadt Immigration Museum Lego lovers on a journey through space and time Status: 07:12 a.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Three students at the exhibition at the Museum of Immigration in Ballinstadt, for whose objects more than 500,000 building blocks were collected Source: dpa / Axel Heimken The Statue of Liberty consists of 5800 … Read more

“I’m incompetent”: tears after a harsh announcement at Rosin’s Restaurants

Updated on 06/09/2022 at 10:29 p.m. “I have never eaten such a delicious pizza in Hamburg,” admired Frank Rosin. The star chef almost wanted to cancel his mission with the “pizza baker”. Then a secret tasting meal at “Rosin’s Restaurants” (kabel eins) ended in “total disaster”. You can find more TV and streaming news here … Read more

Cruise: Discounts for children – families save a lot of money here

Europe Discounts for children Here families save a lot of money on cruises Most cruise lines have abolished the mask requirement. Many vacationers with children were waiting for it. But not all ships have been fully utilized yet – one reason why there are so many spontaneous discounts. We present the best. Status: 11:35 a.m. … Read more

Need for Animal Shelters: When Corona cuddling toys are simply neat

ONEOn May 3, a white and black rabbit with lion heads was found in Neugraben. The left hind leg has been broken so much that it later has to be amputated. Three days later, passersby discovered a dark brown rabbit with wounds all over its body in a box at Jenischpark. On May 10, two … Read more