How Germany is approaching quantum computing

Dusseldorf Until now, the world of quantum computing seemed to be ordered in binary form. The US on one side, China on the other. Both countries regularly report new breakthroughs in quantum computing development. In the future, their computers should be able to solve problems that high-performance computers fail to solve. In Europe, on the … Read more

The reversal of interest rates is here – this will change the economy

The writer Sebastian Matthes is editor-in-chief of Handelsblatt. It’s a tough road behind the European Central Bank (ECB) and its boss, Christine Lagarde. Almost defiantly, the central bank’s management in the ECB tower in Frankfurt dug in behind the same justifications for the low interest rate: This rising inflation was “unusual”, but “only temporary”. The … Read more

This is how WhatsApp shopping should work

Dusseldorf For many retailers, WhatsApp was a lifesaver when they had to close their stores in lockdown. The traditional Schäffer department store in Osnabrück, for example, equipped each department with its own smartphone so that employees could stay in touch with customers via the chat app. Bicycle dealer Rose Bikes from Bocholt was even able … Read more

Start-ups in crisis: A new era begins now

HeyThe founders of start-up Gorillas are still the same – but their message is hard to pin down. Not long ago, college friends Kagan Sümer and Ugur Samut wanted to explore the whole world from Berlin. The super fast food purveyor opened delivery warehouses in London, Paris, Amsterdam and New York almost simultaneously – and … Read more

Cloud market leader AWS creates 600 jobs in Germany

AWS logo The cloud provider is significantly expanding its workforce in Germany. (Photo: Reuters) Dusseldorf Cloud specialist AWS has significantly expanded its operations in Germany – due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies are investing in digitization. This is noticeable when looking for staff: 600 new jobs will be created during the year, said Klaus … Read more

The Bundesbank advises banks to use more cloud applications

Frankfurt Bundesbank encourages German banks to focus more on cloud computing. “Cloud solutions are an important element for banks’ competitiveness,” Joachim Wuermeling, board member responsible for banking supervision, told Handelsblatt. Some applications can no longer be used through their own data centers, but are only provided as a cloud solution. With cloud computing, storage space, … Read more

The start-up receives 4.6 million euros

Garching In Munich, hope is growing for a new key technology from Germany. Quantum computing start-up Planqc, which was only founded in April, has raised €4.6 million from venture capitalists in a funding round. The founding team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute wants to develop a quantum computer based on leading German research. … Read more

The start-up receives 4.6 million euros

Garching In Munich, there is growing hope for a new core technology from Germany. Launched in April, Planqc Quantum Computer start-up raised € 4.6 million from venture capitalists in one round of financing. The founding team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute wants to develop a quantum computer based on top German research. Almost … Read more

Miriam Meckel: Ambient Computing: The Alternative to the Metaverse

In 1989, former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev reportedly said, “Anyone who comes too late will be sentenced to life.” A proposal that could give Vladimir Putin food for thought right now. But the opposite can also be true: if you arrive too early, life will punish you – for example in widespread rejection by customers … Read more

Germany needs a new Gründerzeit

Startups are good, but not so important. Wrong – because today’s start-ups are our hidden champions of tomorrow. They are already creating sustainable jobs – according to a recent study, there are currently 415,000. But there could be much more. The study by the start-up association, the Internet Economy Foundation and the Deutsche Börse compares … Read more