Germans use 14 percent less gas – but that’s not enough

The Federal Network Agency has called on consumers to do more to save energy so that Germany can get through the winter even if there is a gas shortage. In the year to date, natural gas consumption is 14 percent lower than the same period last year, said Klaus Müller, President of the German Press … Read more

Despite gas deliveries from Russia: major challenges

Saxony Despite gas deliveries from Russia: major challenges As of 4:29 p.m | Reading time: 3 minutes Martin Dulig, Minister of Finance of Saxony. Source: Robert Michael/dpa/archive image Natural gas is flowing again through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. However, Germany must become more independent from Russian gas, Saxony’s Finance Minister Dulig said. According to … Read more

What does Putin do after maintenance?

July 20, 2022 at 7:35 pm Decision day in Nord Stream : What does Putin do after maintenance? The Baltic Sea Nord Stream 1 pipeline reaches Lubmin. Photo: dpa/Jens Büttner Dusseldorf/Berlin Maintenance of Nord Stream 1 ends on Thursday. Is Putin delivering again full, not at all or something? Three scenarios and their consequences for … Read more

Nord Stream 2 – Attempt to blackmail Putin – Economy

The Russian leadership wants to put the Nord Stream 2 pipeline into operation. The Kremlin sees the shortage of natural gas in Europe as an opportunity to push the project forward despite sanctions. Moscow/Berlin (dpa) – Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin is enjoying the moment to the fullest: With a thin smile, he says that Europeans … Read more

Energy crisis: Nord Stream 2 – Attempt to blackmail Putin

Moscow/Berlin However, wind and solar power is not enough, nor are the existing pipeline routes due to necessary repairs. “But in terms of natural gas, we still have one route ready – that’s Nord Stream 2. We can put it into operation,” Putin said on the sidelines of a summit in faraway Iran. Against the … Read more

Producer Metten warns of the consequences of the natural gas crisis

Finntrop The blue and red tin cans rolling down the conveyor belt at the meat factory in midsummer will often add to the feast on Christmas Eve. The meat product company Metten is already starting to produce the sausages for the important Christmas business. A possible gas shortage would threaten this pre-production: “Without gas, there … Read more

Head of the IHK in Solingen, Remscheid: There are no taboos when it comes to energy supply

July 18, 2022 at 4:45 pm The natural gas crisis worries the Bergisch companies : There are no taboos when it comes to energy supply IHK director general Michael Wenge is concerned that the supply of natural gas to the domestic industry could be at risk. Photo: Moll, Jürgen (jumo) Solingen/Remscheid Fear is growing in … Read more

Councilor Zelenskyj: “Germany is doing exactly the opposite of what Ukraine wants to achieve”

Pteveupel Bupuveuphv: Ble Bnluooel kepeu ueek vle uul helu uuttnOtouatlekep BOpelau ent Bukplutte enp Bnppteup uelkoual upel enek unl elueu ZevlOetolelp tel Bukplutte enp Bnppteup pepektup. Vll velleu enek uuek lOOel ent eleuu Plleteutt, etpu elue Peplenelnua uuu 6ep nup Qt. Bep plup vlllpeketltlek ZeQuekOeu, ple Bnppteup peu Blutll uekOeu velpeu, Oll peO ép pelueu … Read more

These industries will be hit the hardest

Berlin Currently, 60 percent less natural gas flows from Russia to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline. If there is a complete shutdown, it would not only hit the chemical and steel industries hard. As a study by the Leibniz Center for European Economic Research (ZEW) and market researchers from Calculus Consult, … Read more

Europe: Sanctions on Russia: how effective are Western sanctions?

When the war in Ukraine started, for many it already seemed certain how things would turn out. The Russian military would be victorious in a matter of days, shortly after which unprecedented Western sanctions would bring the Russian economy to its knees. Quite the opposite has happened: the invasion is now in its fifth month, … Read more