Return of interest – these ten documents are attractive to savers

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Does a poker game about education costs exacerbate a lack of personal control?

Frankfurt Chaos reigns at German airports this summer. Not only is there a lack of staff at the counters and for luggage, but also for security checks. The situation is unlikely to improve soon. Apparently, to save money on the required training, companies rely mainly on unemployed applicants when hiring new inspectors. The expert in … Read more

Tomorrow compact: Today with Apple, Fraport and IBM | 07/19/22

The most important news of the day in a quick overview. Today with Apple, Fraport and IBM FRAPORT chief Stefan Schulte also expects problems at German airports in the coming weeks. “The summer will remain difficult,” he told Mannheimer Morgen. It underestimated how many people they had to catch if they wanted to travel again. … Read more