VW owner Lower Saxony: No inquiry yet for Xinjiang | free Press

China is under fire for its human rights record and therefore for German companies that have invested there. VW’s main shareholder, Lower Saxony, is now answering questions – the information is not enough for the opposition. Hanover. The state of Lower Saxony, as Volkswagen’s second-largest owner, has so far not conducted any separate investigation into … Read more

Because Germany still has a lobby problem

Updated on 14/07/2022 16:31 Germany is repeatedly criticized for lobbying abuses, corruption and transparency. This is shown once again by a recent decision of the Federal Court regarding the so-called mask case. The European Commission also believes that the federal government should do more to prevent lobbyists from exerting any influence. You can find more … Read more

Energy shortage: Politicians ponder: what to do if Germany runs out of gas?

The government wants to protect consumers from having their gas cut off. But the Union is pushing to start with the price. Through the war in Ukraine Germany’s energy crisis threatens to worsen. Natural gas is becoming more and more expensive and will no longer be in sufficient supply next winter. Now he promises Federal … Read more

Energy remains expensive for a long time – controversy over relief | free Press

Concerns about a secure and affordable energy supply will preoccupy Germany for years to come, politicians warn. Berlin. Federal Chancellor Olaf Solz (SPD) assumes that measures against energy shortages will also be necessary after the coming winter. In a video message released on Saturday, the chancellor said: “These days we are concerned about the security … Read more

ARD-GermanyTrend: The majority will extend the nine-euro ticket and …

07.07.2022 – 18:00 ARD The First cologne (ots) +++ Blackout period (print, radio and online): 6 p.m. +++ News agencies: no embargo, please publish with embargo notice The majority of Germans would support it if the so-called nine-euro ticket for nationwide use of local and regional transport and the reduction of energy tax on fuel … Read more

Concerted action again in September | free Press

What is the point of the concerted action launched by Chancellor Scholz against high inflation and its consequences? Nothing, says opposition leader Mertz in the Bundestag. He suggests something else. Berlin. The concerted action by the federal government, employers and unions is set to meet again in September after its inaugural meeting last Monday. Chancellor … Read more

Gerhard Cromme: The driving force behind German venture capital

HeyGermany needs people who will bravely break new ground and take risks to do so.” Following this belief of the lantern coalition, they want to “create the best possible framework conditions” and “also break new ground themselves where this is necessary”. This insight and commitment is at the heart of the plan for the federal … Read more

The federal government is opening a protective shield for companies and consumers

July 4, 2022 at 6:11 pm gas crisis : The federal government is opening a protective shield for companies and consumers A pressure gauge shows the pressure in the natural gas network (symbol image). Photo: dpa/Jan Woitas Berlin In the coronavirus crisis, for example, Lufthansa was helped. Following a similar example, the federal government could … Read more

Chaos at the airport: federal police should support security checks – domestic policy

Here you will find content from social networks To interact with or display content from social networks, we need your consent. activation of social networks Germany has been stuck for weeks Airport chaos! Now politicians are stepping in – and helping the airline industry out of trouble: The three federal ministers – Transport Minister Wissing … Read more

Federal government lifts travel warning for coronavirus risk areas Currently Germany | DW

After more than a year, the federal government lifts the travel warning for tourist trips to areas at risk of coronavirus on July 1st. This affects almost 100 countries around the world. “After many months of quarantine, we can look forward to more regularity, and the same goes for travel,” said Foreign Minister Haiko Maas. … Read more