Revoltech wants to make sofas and car seats out of vegan leather

Munich It all started with his PhD thesis written by Lucas Fuhrmann in 2015 for a fashion company that advertises sustainable clothing. It quickly became clear to him that customers were being sold “green fashion,” which consisted largely of synthetic textile fibers. “Non-recyclable and made from fossil raw materials like crude oil and natural gas,” … Read more

Lena Gercke: She is now fully focused on starting a company

ONEWhen former model Lena Gercke announced a few weeks ago that she was quitting as a presenter on “The Voice of Germany”, articles in celebrity magazines circulated. She would prefer to focus on another project that only a few fans have had on screen so far – her own start-up. Under the name Leger, Gercke … Read more

Sleeping Glasses: Which Models Really Help You Sleep? – style

Sleep has become a complicated affair. Without melatonin spray on their tongues and whale songs on their smartphones (with a blue light filter, of course), many people do not even go to bed these days. But even the world’s oldest sleeping gadget, the sleep mask, is being reinterpreted by fashion labels and tech companies. Luxury … Read more

Out of fashion: corporate residences and labor settlements

μιIt is not advisable to go to the apartment inspection with the rent index under your arms. Because paper is patient. In reality, however, prospective tenants, who often have to provide proof of income, credit bureau information and, if necessary, guarantees from their parents before meeting their prospective landlord for the first time, are clearly … Read more

Imitation leather: This new material is said to be the best alternative

boot scene Startup Lovr Vegan, recyclable, soft leather – this material is intended to enhance artificial leather Status: 12:38 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Lovr’s founding team: Montgomery Wagner, Lucas Fuhrmann and Julian Mushövel (left to right) Source: LOVR / Revoltech You can listen to our WELT podcasts here The display of embedded content … Read more