The Hofmolkerei Engelshof in Hetzerath sets new standards.

July 21, 2022 at 4:55 pm Start-Up Series : Engelshof will bring the pasture to the stable in the future David Engel and his colleague Friederike Hoffmann are in the process of bottling apricot yogurt. The small dairy farm in Hetzerath produces more than a million pots of yogurt a year. Photo: Sabine Schwadorf Hetzerath … Read more

Impact start-up SPRK uses artificial intelligence to fight food waste

Alexander Piutti Founder Alexander Piutti wants to use SPRK’s technology to prevent food surpluses. (Photo: SPRK) Dusseldorf It doesn’t matter when you walk to the supermarkets: Both barbecued meat and potatoes for stew are always available in large quantities. However, not everything is bought with the same frequency. When it rains, less roast meat goes … Read more

Obi: Hardware store plans express delivery service

Dusseldorf From pizza to cans of water and bags of chips: Many people in big cities have their purchases delivered to their homes in a very short time. Obi now also wants to take advantage of this trend towards so-called brisk trade. Together with the start-up Bringoo, the hardware store chain in Hamburg wants to … Read more

Revoltech wants to make sofas and car seats out of vegan leather

Munich It all started with his PhD thesis written by Lucas Fuhrmann in 2015 for a fashion company that advertises sustainable clothing. It quickly became clear to him that customers were being sold “green fashion,” which consisted largely of synthetic textile fibers. “Non-recyclable and made from fossil raw materials like crude oil and natural gas,” … Read more

The winners – Success through transformation

Family Business Hall of Fame inductees Handelsblatt editor-in-chief Sebastian Matthes honored Jan-Hendrik and Jörg-Uwe Goldbeck, Sandra and Andrea Alber, Clemens and Valerie Maier, Joachim and Ortwin Goldbeck (from left). (Photo: Marc-Steffen Unger for Handelsblatt) Berlin Looming gas shortages, disrupted supply chains, shortage of skilled workers, rising number of coronaviruses – the crises are overlapping. The … Read more

Startup Share: Double-digit sales growth

Düsseldorf In the spring of 2018, the first Share products were on the shelves of Rewe and the pharmacy chain dm. Nut bars, mineral water or liquid soaps from social start-up Share are now available almost everywhere: in Aldi Süd, Rossmann, Ikea, Shell or Aral, in Deutsche Bahn bistros or on Lufthansa and Eurowings planes … Read more

Two-thirds of companies produce again

Düsseldorf The stakes are high, the will is impressive, says carmaker Leoni. Shortly after Russian troops invaded Ukraine in late February, the Nuremberg cable belt specialist stopped production in the Eastern European country and brought its employees to safety. However, just a few days later, production resumed. Leoni is an example for a large number … Read more

This start-up wants to pay GHG premiums faster

Düsseldorf The issue of greenhouse gas quotas creates greed. From the beginning of the year, every electric car owner has the opportunity to receive an annual bonus. Anyone who drives electrically saves emissions and can sell that savings – the so-called greenhouse gas quota or GHG quota – for about 300 euros to mineral oil … Read more

Spotify founder Ek invests 100 million euros

Hamburg It’s one of the most controversial areas in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) – and at the same time one of the most promising: the military. Daniel Ek is currently investing in this field. The Swede may not have appeared as a gun nut until now, but he has already revolutionized an entire … Read more

The start-up company Neural Jam wants to offer companies “digital seminar hotels”.

Jamshid Alamouti The companies that want can also book the coaches at the same time. (Photo: Neural Jam) Munich Jamshid Alamuti knows the world of creativity – and that of business. Born in Iran, he studied painting in England at a young age, produced music and worked as a choreographer at the Moulin Rouge. He … Read more