One year after the explosion at Chempark Leverkusen, great dangers remain

One year ago, on July 27, 2021, one of the most serious industrial accidents in recent history in the chemical industry occurred at Chempark Leverkusen north of Cologne. Seven workers died in an explosion at a tank farm storing chemical waste. Two of the workers who were killed were immediately found and pulled out. Five … Read more

On the day of the explosion, “the world stood still.”

July 28, 2022 at 9:18 am Leverkusen – one year after the Bürrig disaster : On the day of the explosion, ‘the world stood still’ On the anniversary of the accident, Currenta organized a funeral for the relatives of the victims at Chempark. Photo: Currenta/Michael Rennertz Leverkusen For the first year to commemorate the seven … Read more

Researchers have spotted a quiescent black hole beyond our Milky Way

July 19, 2022 @ 11:56 am In the Large Magellanic Cloud : Researchers have spotted a ‘quiet’ black hole beyond the Milky Way This artist’s rendering shows what the VFTS 243 binary might look like if observed up close. Located in the Tarantula Nebula in the Large Magellanic Cloud, the system consists of a hot, … Read more

Five risks for companies and their insurers

Frankfurt Fires and natural disasters have led to the highest insured losses for companies worldwide over the past five years – and are likely to remain significant causes of loss in the future. In addition, improper processing and maintenance of products have also led to high levels of damage. This is the analysis result of … Read more

Nuclear explosions: The world’s largest man-made crater

Beuuuek kotl aelepe plepe Ieplevotupluu Oll peO BeehueOeu „Pepeu“ Oeklele Behulpe: Ple peknt peu aloQleu heupltlekeu Glelel pel Blpupelttoeke, ple pelele Oekl Bepluehllullol tlel etp lepel eupele nOteppeup puhnOeullelle Iepl – nup ple pealeupele peu (Pto-)IlenO, Oll Geluvetteu tlleptleke Nlete ellelekeu en houeu. Another shot of the explosion on July 6, 1962 Source: US Department … Read more

Ukraine-News +++ Human traffickers target Ukrainian refugees +++

ΜAccording to Europol information on the Internet, human traffickers are specifically looking for Ukrainian refugees. During a day of action in 14 countries on 42 online platforms, European investigators discovered suspicious bids, Europol announced in The Hague on Thursday. The researchers found suspicious activity in many forums, including Russian. For example, Ukrainians are especially tempted … Read more