The wind industry in crisis – is this why the energy transition is failing?

green electricity The wind industry in crisis – will the energy transition fail? 19.07.2022, 16:41 | Reading time: 5 minutes Renewable Energy: How Wind Turbines Work Renewable energy sources – How wind turbines work Clean energy from wind turbines in Germany covers the electricity consumption of millions of households. The video explains how the systems … Read more

MEPs want to reverse the classification

Brussels There is heavy moral pressure on members of the European Parliament. On Wednesday they must decide whether investments in some natural gas and nuclear power plants should be considered viable in the EU classification. The day before, Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun had made a connection between the classification and the Russian invasion. “Russian missiles … Read more

Friday: Google warns of cell phone spying software, slow digitization in Austria

Google has detected spyware on smartphones in Italy and Kazakhstan that can read messages and contacts. This is true for both Android and Apple iOS phones. The creator of the software is the Italian RCS Lab, which in the past collaborated with the well-known company Hacking Team. This type of espionage is likely to benefit … Read more

Will Angola become Germany’s first African hydrogen supplier? | Africa DW

Angola is said to be the first African country to supply Germany with green hydrogen. Angolan state-owned energy company Sonangol and two German companies, Gauff Engineering and Conjuncta, signed a letter of intent this week to build a plant. From 2024 it is expected to produce about 280,000 tons of green ammonia for export. Germany’s … Read more

How do we become less dependent on gas? A Journey To The North – television – broadcasts AZ

Status: 17/05/2022 1:46 p.m. Almost half of all German homes are connected to the gas network – how can we become more independent? Local heating networks, heat pumps, renewable energy sources: Panorama 3 looks for alternatives and shows how much is possible on a small scale. by Nils Naber “We definitely have to make an … Read more

Gas supply: The flow and storage status of the pipeline – News

Status: 13/05/2022 08:28 a.m. The war in Ukraine has stopped the flow of gas to Europe. Current data show how much gas is flowing through important pipelines and how full the German gas storage facilities are. Ukraine had announced it would suspend transit of Russian gas to the Luhansk region in the east of the … Read more

The future of the economy: These German companies are defying the pressure for transformation

Gllea lu pel Vhlelue tel Ple; Pkllpllue Beep: Vukt henO leOeup kel peOll aeleekuel, pepp plek ple Pllnelluu pu enpolleeu velpe. Ble Pltpel, ple vll lepeu Iea lO Belupekeu nup lu peu pueleteu Zepleu pekeu, Oeekeu nup pekl pellutteu. Vll κρατήσει ple Bulpekelpnua aellutteu, nup enp Bnppteup enleehenelekeu. Bep lpl nup ulekl teleeklaetetteu, velt ep … Read more

The start-up receives over 200 million euros

Philip Schroeder The entrepreneur wants to accelerate the energy transition. (Photo: Comma5) Stuttgart, Düsseldorf Start-up 1Komma5 Grad in Hamburg has acquired new prominent investors and is raising its forecasts. The platform, which wants to allow everyone to live in climate neutrals, has now raised more than 200 million euros from investors, Philipp Schröder, the former … Read more

How start-up 1Komma5 ° wants to make buildings climate neutral – Economy

The small one does not work. Philipp Schröder, 38, always thinks big. He was the first German head of Elon Musk’s Tesla electronics company. And now his own start-up is going to be developed. It means 1 party 5 °, and that says a lot about Schroeder’s noble intentions. Founded in Hamburg in July 2021, … Read more