Calculating edges as key | Industry 4.0 / MES, Internet of Things (IoT)

Edge computing puts the crown on the cloud. This impressive image aptly illustrates the importance of Edge for industrial applications in manufacturing, logistics, transportation and many other sectors. Because it puts an end to an elemental, fundamental weakness of cloud computing: cloud computing resources are neither where the data is created nor where it is … Read more

Phillip Pham and Paul Niebler: Why modern companies must rely on the cloud

19/08/2022 – 13:32 Pexon Consulting GmbH Esborn Phillip Pham and Paul Niebler are cloud consultants and founders of Pexon Consulting GmbH, a company that supports German companies in their transition to the cloud. Next, IT experts reveal why companies should rely on the cloud. The developments of the last two years sometimes led to the … Read more

Red Hat offers the new version of OpenShift Platform Plus

The new version of Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus offers greater consistency and additional management functions. The new features simplify the Kubernetes stack, helping to streamline and standardize the deployment and management of applications from the data center to the edge across multiple public clouds. Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus highlights its importance as a … Read more

Businesses are spending too much on cloud services

Inflexible pricing, management tools that don’t give users the control they need, and storing data far from where it’s needed increase the cost companies pay to use the cloud annually by about 35 percent. This according to a recent study by Couchbase. According to the study, companies spend an average of more than $33 million … Read more

How Germany is approaching quantum computing

Dusseldorf Until now, the world of quantum computing seemed to be ordered in binary form. The US on one side, China on the other. Both countries regularly report new breakthroughs in quantum computing development. In the future, their computers should be able to solve problems that high-performance computers fail to solve. In Europe, on the … Read more

Digitization is progressing slowly

Logistics software at Bosch Digitization is a problem: many companies do not have high-speed internet in their premises. (Photo: Bosch) Berlin According to its own estimates, the German economy is making little progress in its digitization. This is the result of a current survey by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), which is … Read more

Bochum’s basic startup plan wants to become the Netflix for further education

April 30, 2019 at 5:22 pm Bochum : Netflix from Bochum Pascal Finette from Singularity University explains digitization for Bochum’s gasometer master plan in Oberhausen. Photo: master plan Bochum Stefan Peukert and Daniel Schütt have big goals with their startup. Masterplan aims to become the world’s leading video platform for digital further education. They are … Read more

New Netflix series “The Billion Dollar Code” – Media

What a great story. There is the breath of ancient drama, the high intensity of the digital present and that too in the wonderfully permanently suspended milieu of Berlin’s subcultures from the late 20th century. In underground techno clubs, art academies and the Chaos Computer Club, an artist and a hacker develop one of the … Read more

Proptech startup from Munich finds new investors

lCasavi founders (from left) Peter Schindlmeier, Oliver Stamm and David Klötzer The company wants to become the market leader in Europe. (Photo: Casavi) Munich The coronavirus pandemic has also given the rather conservative real estate industry a boost in digitization. During the lockdown, many property management companies and housing companies, which were still working a … Read more

Power guzzler data center? | Data Center / Servers

Sustainability? It is no longer a future trend, but an issue that almost every company in this country has already dealt with adequately. The pressure on the economy is increasing from year to year and entrepreneurs must question every area of ​​the company regarding its potential for the concept of sustainability. This is also confirmed … Read more