Grünwald – cyber attack on energy suppliers – Munich area

At eight-thirty that day in early June, Andreas Lederle came to the office. “The staff came to see me,” said Erdwärme Grünwald, CEO. “Our office system was hacked, we could not enter anymore.” But of course there was a corresponding emergency plan, so that the first crisis meeting takes place already at 8.30 in the … Read more

Hacker attacks on companies and municipalities – “Nothing works here anymore”

The number of cybercrime has reached a new high. The BKA recorded 146,000 violations last year. This is an average of 400 ads per day. The damage is huge. The industrial association Bitkom talks about 230 billion euros last year. Through ransomware attacks alone, the damage has increased fivefold to € 24 billion. The mood … Read more

Computer Security: This IT detective is trying to be faster than hackers

An administration that can not afford cars, a hospital that can only do emergency surgeries, a travel agent that has to cancel cruises: cybercriminals are increasingly paralyzing computer systems. Most of the time, it’s about encrypting data and releasing it for some kind of ransom, explains Stefan Otto. The 35-year-old investigates as a cyber detective … Read more

“Netzbeweis” wants to document the criminal content of the web in a way that is a court

It is difficult to document illegal content on the web, such as insults or threats, in a way that will stand in the courts. Screenshots are a start, but they have very limited probative value without adequate metadata and context (see box). In addition, screenshots can be easily manipulated. The start-up Netzbeweis from Austria wants … Read more

How big is the cloud?

Between 2020 and 2021, the number of cloud users increased exponentially as companies turned to virtual solutions in the aftermath of the pandemic. By 2022, it is expected that 94 percent of all companies will use cloud services. Each company uses an average of 1000 or more virtual machines simultaneously in virtual environments and public … Read more

How can common security risks be mitigated?

In today’s flexible working world, employees use a variety of tools to enable them to work more efficiently. This becomes a problem when bypassing the IT department and using technologies that have not been approved in advance by them – in the end, these applications can pose a huge security risk to the company’s network. … Read more

Companies see cyber attacks as the biggest threat

Düsseldorf For companies around the world, cybercrime is becoming the number one business threat. A good 42 percent of companies with sales of more than $ 1 billion have been the target of hacker attacks in the past two years, according to a white collar crime investigation released by auditing firm PwC on Thursday. More … Read more