Sunday afternoon crime scene: Today’s crime scene from Hamburg: This is what ‘The Golden Time’ will be like

In today’s crime scene from Hamburg, a murder in the red light district leads Falke and Gross into the deepest circles of Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. Is ‘The Golden Age’ worth it? It is called “The Golden Age”. CRIME SCENE Today from Hamburg. The thriller airs Sunday evening (8:15 PM, 31 July 2022) on first and it … Read more

How a start-up can help solve crimes

July 13, 2022 at 6:00 p.m crime investigation : Moers’ 3D technology helps search for clues 3D technology also opens up many new opportunities for companies, says founder Michaela Dierking (r.). For example in the training of painters. A hooded spray booth to be repainted with the spray gun is simulated through goggles. Photo: Norbert … Read more