Federal government lifts travel warning for coronavirus risk areas Currently Germany | DW

After more than a year, the federal government lifts the travel warning for tourist trips to areas at risk of coronavirus on July 1st. This affects almost 100 countries around the world. “After many months of quarantine, we can look forward to more regularity, and the same goes for travel,” said Foreign Minister Haiko Maas. … Read more

Shipping on the Rhine: Corona Measures and Christmas Markets DW Travel | DW

I’m sure few people in the world love German Christmas shopping more than my mother, Deb Hucal, who was born and raised in Michigan. So when he suggested that I visit Germany and take a three-day river cruise on the Rhine, I thought it would be a very relaxing way to spend time as a … Read more

Has tourism recovered in Greece? | DW Travel | DW

The Greek word for holiday is holiday (holidays) and literally translated means something like “stop”. What a fitting term to describe my trip to the sunny Cyclades during this second pandemic summer. Freshly vaccinated and equipped with new confidence, I arrive in Greece at the beginning of July. The ferry from Athens to Paros, the … Read more

Thailand ‘s tourism industry is on the rocks DW Travel | DW

Sunisa was relieved when Thai authorities announced they would allow vaccinated holidaymakers to travel to Phuket from July. The 50-year-old, who does not want her real name to be made public, is financially dependent on the tourism company. Now, therefore, foreign visitors are returning as part of a “sandbox” pilot project on the popular holiday … Read more

More and more travel restrictions on Omicron worldwide Knowledge & Environment DW

B.1.1.529, the scientific name for the new variant of the coronavirus, was discovered last week in South Africa – and is now also found in many other countries. For example, Germany, Portugal, Great Britain, Israel and Canada have recorded micronized infections. As there are fears that the new mutant is even more contagious than the … Read more

How to organize vaccination trips in Europe for Russians Europe DW

It is uncertain whether the Russian Sputnik V vaccine will be recognized in the West in the future. And this makes life difficult for many Russians, because entry into many countries requires proof of vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine approved in the EU. But it is not just tourists who are affected. For example, many … Read more

Escalated coronavirus status: who is allowed to travel to Germany now DW Travel | DW

The fourth coronavirus is currently causing record numbers of infections in many European countries – including Germany. In many places, the situation is so dramatic that the events were canceled again and contact restrictions were imposed. Tourist travel is again banned in parts of Germany. What do the current developments mean for entering Germany? What … Read more