Holidays in Africa: Airlines offer many new flights to the south

HeyMosi-oa-Tunya responds to his name early this morning. Translated, it means “thunder smoke” – this is how the people of Cololo who live in Victoria Falls describe the spray that rises up to 300 meters in the sky and can also be seen from the air. At least if you’re lucky enough to board the … Read more

New York: Visit United Nations Headquarters

smallUN headquarters can be seen from afar: the flags of all member states are flown in front of the building on New York’s 1st Avenue – starting from Afghanistan on 48th Street and ending with Zimbabwe on 42nd Street. The United Nations, an association of 193 countries, is based here. Few visitors to Manhattan know … Read more

Traveling by car: These rest stops in Germany are worth a break

Germany On the highway These rest stops in Germany are worth a break If you are going on holiday by car, you should take a break from time to time. Many motorway rest stops offer a small variety. If you do not like indignation and typical snacks, you will find alternatives. We present eight interesting … Read more

Traveling to Africa: “Vacationers can make ends meet for five euros a day here”

ONEWhen the coronavirus pandemic broke out two years ago and many countries closed their borders, German traveler Lena Wendt also had to make a decision: to return to Germany or to stay in Morocco? She stayed and used the forced breakdown of the lockdown to record her experiences in 25 African countries over a period … Read more

Traveling by train: Despite delays or breakdowns, the mood is good

opinion Train announcements The train is in good condition – despite the breakdowns Of course, delays or breakdowns on trains can be annoying. More and more often, however, railway employees sweeten waiting times and service restrictions with humorous announcements. They are even trained in this. Passengers appreciate this. Status: 07:53 a.m. | Reading time: 3 … Read more

Journey from Argentina to Bolivia: Dehydrated and Hungry at the Border

siOlivia was never high on my world travel plans. But because the flights from Argentina to Peru (which is high on my world travel planning) are cumbersome and expensive, I decided to travel by bus through Bolivia to get to Peru. In addition, this is theoretically a good opportunity to meet another country in South … Read more

Holidays 2022: from hotels to rental cars – prices are rising

Germany Rising prices Because the holidays will be more expensive this year After two years of the coronavirus pandemic, the longing for travel is greater than ever. However, holidaymakers need to be prepared for rising prices – whether they are staying in a hotel or holiday apartment, renting a car or flying. Published on 14/02/2022 … Read more