France and Germany are fighting over the budget

Düsseldorf, Brussels The European Union plans for a new satellite network. The satellite network aims to bring secure and fast Internet to even the most remote parts of Europe. With the project, the EU wants to become more technologically independent. In Germany in particular, the program is also seen as an opportunity to strengthen the … Read more

Research institutes such as Fraunhofer suspend spin-offs

Berlin Start-ups and business and political representatives are sounding the alarm: prominent research institutes are hampering the financial independence of start-ups. In the year Corona 2020, 3.5 percent fewer start-ups outsourced their business compared to the previous year. In 2019 there were almost ten percent fewer entrepreneurs than in 2018. This is the response of … Read more

Startup Share: Double-digit sales growth

Düsseldorf In the spring of 2018, the first Share products were on the shelves of Rewe and the pharmacy chain dm. Nut bars, mineral water or liquid soaps from social start-up Share are now available almost everywhere: in Aldi Süd, Rossmann, Ikea, Shell or Aral, in Deutsche Bahn bistros or on Lufthansa and Eurowings planes … Read more

War in Ukraine and high interest rates: Israel’s technological boom ends abruptly

Tel Aviv Last year, start-ups in Israel rushed from record to record. Never before has the tech industry attracted more capital, hired more people, or budgeted more for advertising. But the ad campaign is over for now. Higher interest rates and the war in Europe are changing the mood on the start-up scene. While investment … Read more

Start-ups – women are a minority

The office of the newly formed Temedica, a digital healthcare company that develops healthcare applications, is located near Munich Central Station, next to companies such as Google and PWC. It was founded in 2016 by Gloria Seibert. After a career in management consulting, she wanted to make something of her own to address the issue … Read more

EUR 100 million to combat climate change

Manon Littek and Janna Ensthaler The founders want to combine the yields with the reduction of CO2 emissions. Düsseldorf Manon Littek and Janna Ensthaler have turned their passion into a profession. Both are vegetarians. Both are driven by the desire to do what is necessary to combat climate change. And now they have € 100 … Read more

The start-up receives 4.6 million euros

Garching In Munich, there is growing hope for a new core technology from Germany. Launched in April, Planqc Quantum Computer start-up raised € 4.6 million from venture capitalists in one round of financing. The founding team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute wants to develop a quantum computer based on top German research. Almost … Read more

Start-ups from India outnumber Germany

Asia Technonomics In the weekly column we write alternately about innovation and economic trends in Asia. (Photo: Klawe Rzeczy) Bangkok In India’s fledgling scene, things are happening in tandem: As of Wednesday, the defining number is 29. So many so-called unicorns – that is, start-ups with a market value of over one billion dollars – … Read more

Germany needs a new Gründerzeit

Startups are good, but not so important. Wrong – because today’s start-ups are our hidden champions of tomorrow. They are already creating sustainable jobs – according to a recent study, there are currently 415,000. But there could be much more. The study by the start-up association, the Internet Economy Foundation and the Deutsche Börse compares … Read more

Six reasons why there is a problem

Berlin It’s a matter of time: In the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Germans felt the digital deficit of the administration. This is despite the fact that politicians have been promising for years to promote the digitization of the administration. But important processes are still taking place accordingly. At the Handelsblatt GovTech Summit 2022, founders such … Read more