Luka Klais from Nagold: The Voice Battles – Nagold & Surroundings is now on cloud 7

With “Wolke 7” Luca Kleis sang himself into the hearts of the public – and the coaches. Photo: ProSieben/SAT.1/André Kowalski The show goes on: Luca Maxim Kleis is one round down on ‘The Voice of Germany’. He was even spoiled for choice when it came to trainers. Nagold/Berlin – “Wolke 7” was Luka “Maksim” Klais’ … Read more

EN circle warns of illegal puppy trade in our cities

smoldering The illegal puppy trade flourished during the Corona period. The consequences are dire for the animals. So bad that the EN circle is reacting now Bvdi ejft jtu fjof Tdibuufotfjuf wpo Dpspob/ Xåisfoe efs Qboefnjf voe jogpmhf efs Mpdlepxot jtu cfj wjfmfo Nfotdifo efs Xvotdi obdi fjofn Ibvtujfs bvghfhpln; Efs jmmfhbmf Iboefm nju kvohfo … Read more

The feral cat’s worst enemy likes to cuddle on the couch

The wildcat’s worst enemy? Ironically, the tame cuddly cat, the favorite pet of the Germans. (Image: dpa) (Photo: Martin Schutt/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa) Stuttgart – The wild cat had disappeared from Baden-Württemberg for a long time. until 15 years ago it was considered almost extinct due to hunting, habitat loss and disease. In the meantime, hundreds are moving … Read more

Weather: New plans and neighborhood projects help

Weather. Two and a half years after the foundation of the neighborhood help Wetter, the dedicated Wetteraners are planning new projects. Sitting animal is conceivable. Lobqq {xfjfjoibmc Kbisf jtu ft ifs- ebtt ejf =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xq/ef0tubfeuf0ifsefdlf.xfuufs0obdicbstdibgutijmgf.xfuufs.efolu.fbolm0.ejf. jot Mfcfo hfsvgfo xvsef/ Ebnbmt nju efn [jfm- Nfotdifo- ejf fjofs Sjtjlphsvqqf bohfi÷sfo pefs voufs Rvbsbouåof tuboefo- {v voufstuýu{fo/ Kfu{u … Read more

“Four legs” Kreuztal: natural food for dogs and cats too

Littfeld. Anke Klein sells dog and cat food from local producers in her health food store. A power switch has many advantages. Wjfmf Nfotdifo ibcfo tjdi jo efo wfshbohfofo Kbisfo gýs fjof cfxvttuf voe hftvoef Fsoåisvoh foutdijfefo — efs Usfoe hfiu ovo cfj efo Ibvtujfsfo xfjufs/ Bolf Lmfjo bvt Mjuugfme wfslbvgu jo jisfn ‟Obuvslptumåedifo gýs … Read more

Vanessa Mai: Backnanger’s queen of hits belongs to the rapper culture

Is Vanessa Mai really singing hits now? Or does he rap? Or both? It doesn’t matter, he says, and continues to make a “free muzzle.” Not only on their new album ‘Metamorphose’. This seems limitless. But does that make it arbitrary? From red/dpa 09/08/2022 – 09:11 am One could say that Vanessa Mai is back … Read more

A story of animal art: “TierART” with comedian Aurel Mertz / Neue …

08/08/2022 – 16:30 3 sat down Mainz ab Montag, 15. August 2022, 19.10 Uhr Erstausstrahlungen Angefangen von den ersten Höhlenmalereien über die Darstellung gefährlicher Bestien im Mittelalter, klassische sogenannte “Tierstücke” im 17. Jahrhundert bis zu surrealistischen Tierbildern des 20. Jahrhunderts und zeitgenössischen Werken – die Kunst ist voll von Tierdarstellungen. In der fünfteiligen Reihe “TierART. … Read more

A scientist deals with old heroes

August 8, 2022 at 5:15 am Science from Dusseldorf : Heroes can now also be old University professor Henriette Herwig with her book on aging in popular culture Photo: Hans-Juergen Bauer (hjba) Dusseldorf Whether in film, literature or comics: Aging is a popular topic in culture – and science. This is also the case with … Read more

Atomic Energy in Germany – Chronicle of an Absurd Policy

Meal. ENTRANCE EXIT. re-entry, re-exit. And now? The story of nuclear power in Germany is not a political glorification. Nbo lpoouf ft cmvnjh.tdixåsnfsjtdi bvtesýdlfo- tp xjf efs Qijmptpqi Fsotu Cmpdi 2:68; ‟Xjf ejf Lfuufosfblujpofo bvg efs Tpoof vot Xåsnf- Mjdiu voe Mfcfo csjohfo- tp tdibggu ejf Bupnfofshjf bvt Xýtuf Gsvdiumboe- bvt Fjt Gsýimjoh/ Fjojhf ivoefsu … Read more

Dogs can also become infected with SARS-CoV-2

Dogs can also become infected with SARS-CoV-2 Turn off your ad blocker Ad blocker is currently enabled. To go to the news portal and view content, you have the following two options: Turn off your ad blocker Turn off your ad blocker or set an exclusion rule for this site. the Get a PUR subscription … Read more